Top 5 eLearning Articles week of March 16 (Food & Beverage Industry)
By Janay Robinson


eLearning in the Food & Beverage Industry

The following is our latest collection of interesting and tho​ught provoking discussions highlighting just a few of the many intriguing aspects of training and eLearning. We've taken special care to select articles that offer distinct perspectives on developing trends or emerging issues within the industry. Read with us as we explore eLearning in the Food & Beverage Industry.

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Connecting Employees to e-Learning Tools in the Workplace by Ecessa Blog

Restaurant Training Using eLearning by Restaurant Voice

Exploring the World of E-Learning in Restaurant Training by Waitrainer

Training - Not Just a Value-Added Service by ID Report

Challenges Solved With e-Learning by CHART

This week, while you find yourself enjoying your St. Patrick's Day beverage of choice, think about how much effort it took for that cup to get in front of you. The training the bartender needed to go through to correctly pour the perfect cup, the process the owner of the bar/restaurant endured while finding the proper tools for training his or her bartenders, the communication method between the bar/restaurant manager and the distribution company that delivered the beverage. All these real-life scenarios can be effectively managed through a well created LMS. Start your Forever Free LatitudeLearning LMS today by clicking here!

We hope you found these articles useful. Next week's Top 5 articles will focus on eLearning in the Classroom.

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