Top 5 eLearning Articles week of May 11 (Social Learning)
By Janay Robinson


Social Learning in eLearning

The following is our latest collection of interesting and tho​ught provoking discussions highlighting just a few of the many intriguing aspects of training and eLearning. We've taken special care to select articles that offer distinct perspectives on developing trends or emerging issues within the industry. Read with us as we explore social learning in eLearning.

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eLearning Guild Research: Is Your LMS Social Enough? by Learning Solutions Magazine

Social Learning-- How Social is Your LMS? by Talented Learning

4 Important Reasons To Encourage Social Learning by eLearning Industry

Targeting 6 Social Learning Needs in eLearning Environments by SH!FT

A Brief History of LMS Social Learning by Talented Learning

By integrating social components into the eLearning experience, you reach more types of learners while coaxing wallflowers from the shadows. Those afraid to ask for help in a formal setting can accept help and encouragement from their peers. Latitude's PartnerCONNECT offers a software solution, CommunityPortal, where you accomplish just that! Create a place where your members build professional social capital. A Community Portal allows for central location where all information regarding partner programs can be accessed and shared.

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