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VIP Tires & Service Gains Powerful Training Thru LatitudeLearning

12/5/2018 - Posted by Alison Huff

VIP Tires & Service is the largest tire dealer and automotive service provider in New England. Each of its locations are privately owned and while the chain is not franchised, consistent and quality employee training plays a vital role in the company’s success. We recently spoke with Denis Daigle, LMS Director and Operations Support Coordinator for VIP Tires & Service, to learn more about how the company trains its employees and how using a Learning Management System has made a pronounced and positive impact on that training.


Now Available: Channel T.E.A., December Edition

11/26/2018 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude has been hard at work to produce this month's one-stop syndicated channel newsletter for professionals in the channel and partner industry. Check out Channel TEA for the latest edition with featuring headlines:

  • LatitudeLearning Helps International Society of Arboriculture
  • 7 Reasons Why Baby Boomers Dread Online Training
  • Training is broken in the restaurant industry: Here's how to fix it
  • When Companies Should Invest in Training Their Employees — and When They Shouldn’t
  • The Changing Face of Employee Engagement


7 Reasons Why Baby Boomers Dread Online Training

11/13/2018 - Posted by Christopher Pappas

Why aren’t baby boomers excited about the upcoming online training course? Is there anything you can do to get mature learners motivated and inspired so that they get the most from the online training experience?


LatitudeLearning Helps International Society of Arboriculture

11/5/2018 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

LatitudeLearning is excited to have the International Society of Arboriculture as a longtime client. Eduardo Aliskevich, Director of Educational Products and Services, was ready to learn their learning management system (LMS) from LatitudeLearning after onboarding with their team a year ago. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is a non-profit that drives awareness of the benefits from trees. Additionally, they concentrate on research and analyzing results to contribute to a world with healthier trees, sustainable communities, and a green economy. Members and non-members of ISA turn to them as a central source and leader in arboricultural information and knowledge. 


Nestoil Limited: Latitude offers important features over its competition

10/22/2018 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude CG has provided a platform to Nestoil Limited a leading Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) service provider in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. According to Nestoil Limited, Latitude's provides a unique platform that offer several important features such as merits, over the competition. Promise Igodo, an LMS Admistrator at Nestoil Limted said LatitudeLearning is "pretty easy to deploy and provides the metrics needed."


8 Creative Ways To Emphasize The Real World Value Of Online Training

10/22/2018 - Posted by Christopher Pappas

Employees are more likely to engage when they understand the practical applications and benefits of online training. In this article, I’ll highlight 8 innovative ways to emphasize the real world value of your online training course.


LatitudeLearning Acquires New Client: Greyston

10/8/2018 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

LatitudeLearning’s LMS platform will help Greyston train their employees for long term career development and growth.  LatitudeLearning announces their recent signing of a new client, Greyston. Greyston, New York’s first registered Benefit Corporation, has one focus: make people a priority for social change with their delectable brownies, which you may have enjoyed in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or during an international flight with Delta Airlines. Creating a partnership with LatitudeLearning enables Greyston to use their exclusive Learning Management System (LMS) to accomplish new employee training, along with ongoing skill development. 


Pica9 Recommends That Brands Show Empathy For The Franchisee Experience

9/4/2018 - Posted by Alison Huff

For anyone acquainted with the field of graphic design, Pica9 will sound somewhat familiar, if only due to the word’s reference to the industry. Generations of graphic artists have spent countless hours meticulously sizing ads to fit in columns as narrow as nine picas, the equivalent of 1.5 inches of space. To that end, Pica9’s name denotes a sense of the precision they believe a brand’s integrity rests upon. Brand cohesion and solidarity is of the utmost importance when a company has franchises operating in multiple locations. Pica9 also understands that the average franchisee, while certainly an entrepreneur, may not necessarily have a background in graphic design or marketing.


How do you find your LMS Soulmate?

8/14/2018 - Posted by Jeff Walter

Buying an LMS is a lot like getting married. You want a happy relationship that lasts a long time because switching LMSs, like switching spouses, can be a difficult and expensive process. As a vendor who has been involved in scores of LMS selections, I can offer some advice for finding your LMS soulmate. 


Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Swirls Training with Communication

8/8/2018 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt incorporated in Oklahoma City in 2010 and they’ve been growing their brand nationwide even though they are a young franchise. It all happened when their current Executive Chairman of their board went from being a franchisee to the franchisor. Since then, they have over 200 locations in 38 states and one location in Mexico and they don’t anticipate on slowing down their growth rate any time soon. Kendall Ware, President and COO, and Daniel Rodriguez, Director of People Development, provided deeper insight to how they train their franchisees to ensure franchisee success when it comes to owning an Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt. 


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