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Evaluating a Franchise Training Program
4/28/2015 - Posted by Janay Robinson

I recently read an article on titled Evaluating a Franchise Training Program: Five Essentials to Ensure Your Potential Franchisor Will Provide Adequate Support. Bart Puett, President and CEO of Maid Brigade, Inc., and author of this article, outlines a checklist of five key support assets to look for when evaluating a franchise and its training program.


Franchise Training: The Key to Success is Consistency
4/14/2015 - Posted by Janay Robinson

Consistency is the most important thing to a franchise brand and consistency comes from effective training.

Surely we've all had a really good experience at a store or restaurant. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, the service was great and well timed, and your product came out just as you expected it would. But negative experiences are probably just as common as positive ones. Franchise business is directly related to the quality of your employees’ behaviors and attitudes. How an employee acts and what they do leaves a big impression on the customer – creating satisfaction and loyalty at the franchised group level, or driving them to a competing brand.


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