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Local Search Masters Makes Digital Marketing Personal
4/3/2018 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

Chris Conlee, Chief Operating Officer of Local Search Masters, understands the importance of how a personal touch makes a difference—even in digital marketing. Local Search Masters is a full service digital marketing agency that started in 2017 and continues to grow strong in the Franchise Industry. 
Their agency specializes in the following areas for their primary clients, who are often franchisors and their franchisees: Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising Management , Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Content Creation and Website Design & Building. They share information using a few different methods, which includes a Learning Management System and a customized dashboard.


Surefire approach to creating a high-impact channel training program
3/13/2018 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

What makes a good training program vs a great training program? Latitude CG has help thousands of organizations deploy their Learning Management System with expert knowledge into hundreds of different training programs ranging from complex vehicle OEM training to fast-paced financial service training. In this short 18-minute video Jeff Walter, CEO of Latitude CG addresses the Strategy for Continuous Improvement which gives specific details in Measuring, Analyzing and Improving your organization's channel training program.


Acting-A-Part Plays A Starring Role In Franchisee Confidence And Training
3/6/2018 - Posted by Alison Huff

"Bridging the gap from school play to Broadway," Acting-A-Part is a theater and film school franchise dedicated to helping children thrive in the fine arts. Founded by Erika Lupo in 2002, the first location for Acting-A-Part was established in Sparta, New Jersey, conveniently located just two hours away from Broadway and New York City.  The curriculum for Acting-A-Part changes with every semester and classes are offered for children beginning as young as four years old. Prior experience in acting is not necessary. "My program is different because we’re all about the kids," Lupo told us. "I tailor the program for each individual child. Anybody can take my program – it doesn’t matter if they have experience, it doesn’t matter if they have a talent. We are an inclusive program where everybody is accepted." 

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VW Credit Uses Authentic Feedback To Compile Data For Innovative Training
2/5/2018 - Posted by Alison Huff

With a name that translates to "people's car" in English, Volkswagen is a German multinational automaker who has left its mark on the global driving experience. With 80 years in business, Volkswagen offers vehicles under well known brands like Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Bugatti, along with the Ducati brand of motorcycles. VW Credit provides financial products, customer support, customer service, and account management for individual consumers and more than 1,000 dealerships across the United States. Training a vast network of employees is no small undertaking, but VW Credit has taken an innovative approach to ensure the success of its workforce. We recently spoke with Milica Vincent, Learning & Performance Manager at VW Credit, to learn more about their data-driven method of professional development.


Cylient promotes coaching in the workplace as a way to learn
1/9/2018 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Businesses that want to thrive in an unpredictable, fast-changing business environment are instilling coaching-based leadership as their preferred leadership style, according to Dianna Anderson CEO of Cylient. Unlike traditional leadership approaches that focus on directing and correcting people, coaching-based leadership turns day-to-day challenges into opportunities for people to learn “in the moment” by integrating coaching approaches—such as asking questions that ignite insight or using metaphors to shift perspectives—into day-to-day conversations. 

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Turbo Leadership Systems – A Proven System to Improvement
12/5/2017 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

Leadership development is becoming more critical in the world of business, which is why Larry Dennis, President of Turbo Leadership Systems, is bringing his training to the companies that need it. Their primary focus is privately owned companies because they’re the ones who often need help to development their leadership teams and has trained over 5,000 people.  “I’ve surveyed hundreds of management teams that has led to the development of my workshops and training,” Larry said. “The first thing we do together is understand the power and value of synergy. When there is complete alignment, there is a 71% improvement rate in comparison to those without this mindset.” 


Latitude has a process to ensure your LMS is implemented properly
11/14/2017 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude CG’s SurefireSetup™ is our approach to ensuring your LMS is successfully configured and launched. There are four phases to ensure the success of this methodology: Project KickoffDiscoveryImplementation and Post Launch.


Bin There Dump That's Training Model Creates Exponential Success
11/7/2017 - Posted by Alison Huff

If you've ever found yourself in the middle of a move or a home remodeling project, you'll recognize the struggle of dealing with a residential clean up job. Bin There Dump That is a residential-friendly dumpster company that emerged as an essential solution for everyday people in need of large-scale debris removal. With more than 140 franchise territories throughout the United States and Canada, Bin There Dump That has seen an incredible amount of prosperity since the organization began franchising in 2004. While much of their success is attributed to an ironclad business model and unwavering dedication to delivering stellar customer service, equally important is their attention to thorough training for their franchisees. We spoke with John Ferracuti, Chief Operating Officer of Bin There Dump That, to learn more about the company's training practices.

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Camp Bow Wow supplements its growth by expanding training
10/5/2017 - Posted by Alison Huff

Camp Bow Wow a national franchise dedicated to man's best friend is an establishment that operates well beyond a traditional "kennel" service; it offers a fun daycare for dogs and also provides a safe, comfortable environment for overnight stays. Christina Russell, President and Camp Bow Wow's "Leader of the Pack." The franchise is in the midst of nearly-unprecedented growth, selling 26 units in 2016. "We were one short of record sales last year in terms of the franchises we sold and this year, we anticipate that we will go past that," Christina said. Camp Bow Wow has seen a great deal of interest from people outside of the pet sector, an unexpected and welcomed enthusiasm that "puts a lot of pressure on us to make sure that all of our training resources and materials are in such a state that we will be ready for the growth," Christina explained.


Training is key! The 8 evolutionary training milestones
9/29/2017 - Posted by Jeff Walter

Training is the #1 strategy any organization can do to increase performance; therefore, training is KEY! 

However not all training programs are created equal and they certainly have different levels… but one thing is certain: Training is the best predictor of how a channel partner will perform. The value and benefits of training in your channel organization will make channel staff members more efficient while increasing productivity, revenue and profits. Where compliance and regulations are required, effective training is essential. Over the years, Latitude has identified how training programs go through an evolutionary climb to greater success. In our Channel Performance Roadmap we have identified and classified each milestone along the organization’s growth.  


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