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Bin There Dump That's Training Model Creates Exponential Success
11/7/2017 - Posted by Alison Huff

If you've ever found yourself in the middle of a move or a home remodeling project, you'll recognize the struggle of dealing with a residential clean up job. Bin There Dump That is a residential-friendly dumpster company that emerged as an essential solution for everyday people in need of large-scale debris removal. With more than 140 franchise territories throughout the United States and Canada, Bin There Dump That has seen an incredible amount of prosperity since the organization began franchising in 2004. While much of their success is attributed to an ironclad business model and unwavering dedication to delivering stellar customer service, equally important is their attention to thorough training for their franchisees. We spoke with John Ferracuti, Chief Operating Officer of Bin There Dump That, to learn more about the company's training practices.

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Camp Bow Wow supplements its growth by expanding training
10/5/2017 - Posted by Alison Huff

Camp Bow Wow a national franchise dedicated to man's best friend is an establishment that operates well beyond a traditional "kennel" service; it offers a fun daycare for dogs and also provides a safe, comfortable environment for overnight stays. Christina Russell, President and Camp Bow Wow's "Leader of the Pack." The franchise is in the midst of nearly-unprecedented growth, selling 26 units in 2016. "We were one short of record sales last year in terms of the franchises we sold and this year, we anticipate that we will go past that," Christina said. Camp Bow Wow has seen a great deal of interest from people outside of the pet sector, an unexpected and welcomed enthusiasm that "puts a lot of pressure on us to make sure that all of our training resources and materials are in such a state that we will be ready for the growth," Christina explained.


Training is key! The 8 evolutionary training milestones
9/29/2017 - Posted by Jeff Walter

Training is the #1 strategy any organization can do to increase performance; therefore, training is KEY! 

However not all training programs are created equal and they certainly have different levels… but one thing is certain: Training is the best predictor of how a channel partner will perform. The value and benefits of training in your channel organization will make channel staff members more efficient while increasing productivity, revenue and profits. Where compliance and regulations are required, effective training is essential. Over the years, Latitude has identified how training programs go through an evolutionary climb to greater success. In our Channel Performance Roadmap we have identified and classified each milestone along the organization’s growth.  


Cohda Wireless Promotes Training That Embraces The Information Age
9/12/2017 - Posted by Alison Huff

Cohda Wireless is company poised firmly on the cutting edge of technology. A global leader in vehicle-to-vehicle communication, Cohda specializes in software designed to fully automate the driving experience. While cameras and radar systems are an effective method of avoiding collisions, dependable and uninterrupted communication between vehicles is an imperative component of safe, automated transportation. The very idea sounds incredible but given the accelerated rate at which technology is advancing, self-driving cars are inevitable. In September of 2016, the United States Department of Transportation presented its first set of federal guidelines, a voluntary 15-point safety assessment for automakers engineering driverless cars. 


Apricot Lane Boutique Empowers Franchisees With A "Stronger Together" Support System
8/31/2017 - Posted by Alison Huff

Based in the United States, Apricot Lane Boutiques offer the latest in contemporary fashion apparel, jewelry, accessories, and gifts at affordable prices. One of the most unique characteristics of this franchise relates to its inventory. Every franchise location offers merchandise that’s handpicked by the franchisee to reflect the most popular styles of the store’s local demographics, so what you’ll find in a North Dakota franchise may be vastly different from one in Ohio. We spoke with Ken Petersen, CEO, and Scott Jacobs, President, to learn more about Apricot Lane Boutique’s franchise training methods. 


IPG Doesn’t Train, They Edutain
8/4/2017 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

What Is Edutainment? Find Out Here!
Corky Brabbs is familiar with helping his clients and partners with various marketing and design projects through IPG (Ideas Plus Group), but his expertise also expands to high-quality training. Training is one thing, but altering a person’s behavior within a specific area is a challenge because everyone comprehends and learns differently. This is how true training should work, according to IPG.


LatitudeLearning Gives Back by Gifting Jibu a Free LMS Through the Free LMS For Charity™ Program
7/26/2017 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

Jibu, a start-up that franchises safe drinking water stores in Eastern Africa, stands out in the Franchise Industry by combining business ownership, independence and helping others that truly need it with human necessities. At a previous franchise conference, Latitude’s CEO Jeff Walter met with Jibu’s Co-Founder and CEO, Galen Welsch, during lunch and found himself impressed and inspired with Jibu’s vision. “What Jibu is doing is unlike anything I’ve seen and that’s why I wanted to give them a membership to show our support and that I believe in what they’re doing. Our LMS handles the unique needs of various business channels and was confident it could help Jibu’s team continue to grow internationally. We are always looking for ways to give back and this was the perfect opportunity to act.” 


Polaris Industries sought more control with new LMS
7/6/2017 - Posted by Janay Robinson

Polaris is an American manufacturer of high quality off-road consumer and military vehicles, including All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and the Polaris RANGER,® GENERAL™ and RZR® side-by-side vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles and on-road electric/hybrid powered vehicles. Polaris, headquartered just outside of Minneapolis in Medina, Minnesota, was founded in 1954 and has grown to be an international enterprise. With Polaris' immense expansion, it became apparent that technology would be a pivotal resource to their success. The need for a new Learning Management System to manage Polaris' sophisticated partner training programs put LatitudeConnect Suite front and center for Laurie Rengel, Manager of Service Dealer Development at Polaris.


Successful Growing with Weed Man’s Training
6/29/2017 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

According to Jenifer Lemcke, Chief Operating Officer of Weed Man USA, training is the root to success and we couldn’t agree more. As one of the largest franchisors and sold out territories in Canada, Weed Man was ecstatic to transition to the United States franchise market. Since then, they’ve been growing like weeds and they owe it all to their training during the onboarding process and ongoing education available for their franchisees. Weed Man is well-known for providing environmentally responsible fertilization, weed control and integrated pest management services. Initially, new franchisees will travel to Toronto, Canada to experience nine days of critical training.

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Drive Sales with Stuker Training
6/8/2017 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

Tom Stuker, President and Founder of Stuker Training, provides dealers with the skillsets and techniques to sell more vehicles. If you haven’t yet, here’s your chance to meet a sales legend who’s changed the way car dealerships operate and close sales. Tom has an incredible reputation, from being United Airlines 17-million-mile flier to a published author and entertainment host with his sales training and philosophy. According to Tom, there’s two skills you need to master for sales. His unique training provides a wide range of training topics and support products, which cover every angle of dealerships. One of the primary differences with Stuker’s training is the choices you get with it. You can select in-house dealership training, to one day conference trainings or on-the-road workshops. Each training model is equipped with the right tools so your sales and management teams will understand how to handle each conversation, with real-life and hands on training from proven methods. 

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