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Solutions to Common Problems Launching Courses
2/13/2015 - Posted by Latitude Learning Team

If you have difficulty getting courses to open or load when you click Launch, it may be an issue of browser compatibility and/or Java configuration. This article will help you troubleshoot and resolve common course launch issues.


How do I playback a Free LMS Training Webinar I was enrolled in?
1/18/2015 - Posted by John Schroeder

Did you miss the Free LMS Training Webinar you signed up for?  Do you want to review something that was discussed?  Did you have trouble getting into the session?  Never fear – we record these sessions and you can play them at your convenience directly from your LMS portal for 90 days.


How to View Virtual Classroom Offering Attendance Reports
9/15/2014 - Posted by Latitude

Our partner in Virtual Classroom Offering provides attendance information back to our LMS for each user attending each session.  Overnight, this information is passed to our LMS and your offering attendance will be updated automatically based on the settings for your course (you set percentage of time user must be connected for a PASS status to be generated).   But occasionally, you may have need to check the actual report and time recorded for each user.


How Can I Quickly View My Employees Certification Goals?
10/6/2013 - Posted by Latitude

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to view the Certification Goals for your employees?  Look no further than our newly released Certification Goals Dashboard now available to LMS customers that have the Certification and Curriculum Add-on. This new dashboard allows administrators and managers to view the Certification Goal status at the Business Unit, Division and Location levels of the organization based on their organization and user scoping. You can even drill-down to view summary level achievement data, and then even further down to see the underlying details.


How do I use the Guest URL feature in VCO?
7/7/2013 - Posted by John Schroeder

How do I use the Guest URL feature in a Virtual Classroom Offering (VCO)?

When you create a Virtual Classroom Offering, you have the option of publishing a Guest URL.  This can be used to invite attendees who are not users within your LMS.  It can also be used for registered students who may not have administrator access to their PC to ensure their system requirements (specifically, update their Java client).  Either way, users can attend and fully participate in your VCO using this guest URL. 


How do I customize the look of my portal?
4/13/2012 - Posted by Latitude Learning Team

Your LMS Portal has its own CSS stylesheet that sets defaults for styling, but you can override these in your portal stylesheet if you wish to, changing layouts, colors (as well as other elements)...


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