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Congratulations to Latitude's Bracket Winner: Rob Ackley of Ruffalo Noel Levitz.
4/5/2018 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude CG is happy to announce the winners of the 2018 NCAA basketball bracket challenge. Rob Ackley of Ruffalo Noel Levitz placed first in the challenge which won him a $250 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card. Ruffalo Noel Levitz is a Technology-enabled services, software and consulting for higher education enrollment management and fundraising. Coming in second is Matt Stermer of Oil and Vinegar USA winning a $100 gift card to Nike. Oil and Vinegar USA is an international retail chain that provides the best food and highest quality ingredients providing its customers with a true culinary experience. 


LatitudeLearning maintains its High Performer status in G2 Crowd's Best LMS Software
4/5/2018 - Posted by Janay Robinson

The results are in! LatitudeLearning maintains its High Performer status in G2 Crowd's Spring 2018 Grid and Index reports for Best Learning Management Software.

G2 Crowd, a real-time and unbiased user review platform for business software, determines the best LMS software by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and scale (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact) and placed into four different categories: Leaders, High Performers, Contenders and Niche.


Latitude congratulates Tom Zorman as our annual loyalty contest winner
2/7/2018 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude CG extends a huge congratulations to Tom Zorman of Meridian8. Zorman is the winner of a $100 gift card to a merchant of his choice in our annual Loyalty Contest. We had dozens of entries, all of which where entered for a chance to win. Zorman was selected randomly at a company gathering in mid-January. Zorman provide a testimonial about his experience with LatitudeLearning that was later including in a blog post. 


LatitudeLearning lands in G2 Crowd's Top 20 Highest Rated LMS Software
1/22/2018 - Posted by Janay Robinson

G2 Crowd, a real-time and unbiased user review platform for business software, recently named LatitudeLearning as the Top 16 Highest Rated Learning Management System Software.

LatitudeLearning earned its spot based on user satisfaction. A product's satisfaction score is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings from review data. Below is a screenshot highlighting the factors that influenced LatitudeLearning's ranking.


LatitudeLearning receives Honorable Mention for best Channel & Partner LMS
1/2/2018 - Posted by Janay Robinson

Recently Talented Learning, an eLearning news site identified the Top 3 Channel and Partner LMS Vendors. LatitudeLearning, an industry leader in channel performance and the home of the cloud-based channel LMS received an honorable mention.


G2 Crowd grants LatitudeLearning High Performer status among LMS community
12/18/2017 - Posted by Janay Robinson

G2 Crowd, a real-time and unbiased user review platform for business software, recently granted LatitudeLearning as a High Performer within the LMS community.


Plug Power Plugs Into Latitude's LMS
12/7/2017 - Posted by Alison Huff

Latitude CG, creator of the LatitudeLearning LMS, is officially announcing a new client, Plug Power.  As "the power source behind the power," Plug Power is a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, effectively replacing lead-acid batteries, particularly in warehouse applications. Lead-acid batteries in forklifts typically require 8 hours to charge and 8 hours to cool down, before providing 8 hours of operation. For large distribution centers that require around-the-clock forklift operation, hydrogen fuel cells need but a minute to refill before resuming operation, maximizing warehouse production. 


Latitude has a process to ensure your LMS is implemented properly
11/14/2017 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude CG’s SurefireSetup™ is our approach to ensuring your LMS is successfully configured and launched. There are four phases to ensure the success of this methodology: Project KickoffDiscoveryImplementation and Post Launch.


How to Access New Reporting Engine Training Video
10/30/2017 - Posted by Janay Robinson

LatitudeLearning had a great turn out hosting our live enhancement demonstration on the New Reporting Engine for Portal Administrators. In fact, it was so successful we've decided to make the enhancement highlight available as a training video! Whether you are checking it out for the first time, or revisiting the demo, we've made it convenient for you to access and learn at your own pace.


CyberSkills Establishes Partnership with LatitudeLearning
10/25/2017 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

Six months ago, CyberSkills, a company offering small and medium sized businesses a set of training solutions and consulting services in several key development areas, discovered Latitude Learning and knew their partnership was going to change their business. CyberSkills needed a Learning Management System (LMS) that met their specific criteria they offer as a training and development operation, along with the flexibility to grow and customize as needed. Finding the right LMS proved to be a challenge until Richard D. Pollack Chief Learning Officer and President, CyberSkills, LLC found LatitudeLearning, a leader in channel LMSs. From there, all the pieces came together and Pollack was confident they found their new LMS that could support CyberSkills’ vision and growth.


Big News for Latitude's T.E.A. Collection on 2 Year Anniversary
10/5/2017 - Posted by Janay Robinson

This October marks two years since Latitude introduced Franchise T.E.A. to the channel community. We are proud to announce the merge of Franchise T.E.A. and OEM T.E.A. to bring you Channel T.E.A., a newsletter platform that brings all channel-like industries together for a common goal: becoming more successful at your job. To celebrate our two year anniversary, the first edition of Channel T.E.A. will be published on Tuesday, October 17, 2017.


Training is key! The 8 evolutionary training milestones
9/29/2017 - Posted by Jeff Walter

Training is the #1 strategy any organization can do to increase performance; therefore, training is KEY! 

However not all training programs are created equal and they certainly have different levels… but one thing is certain: Training is the best predictor of how a channel partner will perform. The value and benefits of training in your channel organization will make channel staff members more efficient while increasing productivity, revenue and profits. Where compliance and regulations are required, effective training is essential. Over the years, Latitude has identified how training programs go through an evolutionary climb to greater success. In our Channel Performance Roadmap we have identified and classified each milestone along the organization’s growth.  


We’re in!! Latitude CG was named in the 2017 Inc. 5000
9/20/2017 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude CG, home of LatitudeLearning, the channel LMS, has been recognized on the 2017 Inc. 5000 List of America's Fastest-Growing CompaniesThe list represents a comprehensive look at an important segment of the economy—America’s independent entrepreneurs. Companies such as Yelp, Pandora, Timberland, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, LinkedIn, Zillow, and many other well-known names gained early exposure as members of the Inc. 5000.


Update: TODAY’s Al Roker Surprise engagement couple tied the knot over the weekend
9/12/2017 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Remember Latitude's biggest surprise of the year back in February? Janay Burch, Marketing Manager at Latitude CG got a surprise engagement from DaVonn Robinson with secretly choreographed efforts from friends, family and her colleagues at Latitude CG orchestrated by the NBC's TODAY Show. This past weekend the proposal turn to wedding bells and a happy couple. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Robinson!


LatitudeLearning gives LISEGA, Inc. the LMS they were seeking
8/29/2017 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude CG, home of LatitudeLearning, the channel LMS helps cut cost for LISEGA, Inc, a German-based global manufacturing site and international distribution network. LISEGA's product range of over 12,000 standardized items is the most comprehensive modular pipe support range worldwide that provides technical solutions for all typical industrial applications. According to LISEGA's Safety & Environmental Specialist, Barry Suttles LatitudeLearning's LMS has reduced cost on lost production on the floor by not holding large classroom training sessions.


Promotion Announcement – Navaneetha Battu, Principal
8/8/2017 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude CG is thrilled to announce the promotion of Navaneetha Battu to Principal. Battu joined Latitude in 2007 as an Associate. During her employment, she has advanced through progressively more responsible roles in the organization such as Junior .net developer, Technical Architect and Technical Team Lead. Battu's role requires her to respond to a multitude of tasks. She excels as the overarching technical lead for the ClientCare team and continues to be a leader in problem solving. She also has been a mentor in onboarding new technical staff as the team expands and builds its capability.


Have you subsribed to OEM T.E.A.?
8/7/2017 - Posted by Janay Robinson

The Latitude team is proud to extend OEM T.E.A., a one-stop syndicated news platform, to professionals in the Original Equipment Manufacturing space, or any similar partner (franchise, agent, broker, reseller) industry.

OEM T.E.A. is a newsletter about the three behaviors that differentiate high performing original equipment manufacturers from low performing: Training, Engagement, and Analytics.

OEM tea cup.png

LatitudeLearning Gives Back by Gifting Jibu a Free LMS Through the Free LMS For Charity™ Program
7/26/2017 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

Jibu, a start-up that franchises safe drinking water stores in Eastern Africa, stands out in the Franchise Industry by combining business ownership, independence and helping others that truly need it with human necessities. At a previous franchise conference, Latitude’s CEO Jeff Walter met with Jibu’s Co-Founder and CEO, Galen Welsch, during lunch and found himself impressed and inspired with Jibu’s vision. “What Jibu is doing is unlike anything I’ve seen and that’s why I wanted to give them a membership to show our support and that I believe in what they’re doing. Our LMS handles the unique needs of various business channels and was confident it could help Jibu’s team continue to grow internationally. We are always looking for ways to give back and this was the perfect opportunity to act.” 


LatitudeLearning Announces Unlimited Live Chat Support
7/21/2017 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude CG is happy to announce Unlimited Chat Support for paying clients. Have a question? Need some help? Let's chat! Clients with a paid LMS subscription now have access to Unlimited Chat Support! Portal Administrators who access our "Latitude Navigator" portal via the Site Management > LMS Training link are welcome to chat with the ClientCare team during LatitudeLearning business hours 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET.


G2 Crowd ranks LatitudeLearning Top 4 LMS for Midsize Business
6/21/2017 - Posted by Janay Robinson

G2 Crowd, a real-time and unbiased user review platform for business software, recently named LatitudeLearning as the Top 4 Learning Management System for Midsize Businesses. LatitudeLearning earned its spot based on ratings by midsize business reviewers.


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