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ENHANCEMENT: Simplified Student, Manager Workflow from Navigation Page
1/16/2018 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

We streamlined the Student and Manager Workflow from the Navigation menu by creating simpler, sleeker LMS pages for each icon. Click the header grid   icon to access new pages that function exactly as their classic counterparts, but do not include the "My Learning Center" menu, navigation tabs, or page descriptions. System and training administrators continue to access their legacy features via a new Administration page that provides the standard "My Learning Center" menu. Once a user lands on the Administration or Classic Home page, they will once again enter the Legacy LMS experience. Lastly, a "Home Page" configuration option has been added to the LMS Information page, allowing Portal Administrators to implement a custom workflow on demand.


Cylient promotes coaching in the workplace as a way to learn
1/9/2018 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Businesses that want to thrive in an unpredictable, fast-changing business environment are instilling coaching-based leadership as their preferred leadership style, according to Dianna Anderson CEO of Cylient. Unlike traditional leadership approaches that focus on directing and correcting people, coaching-based leadership turns day-to-day challenges into opportunities for people to learn “in the moment” by integrating coaching approaches—such as asking questions that ignite insight or using metaphors to shift perspectives—into day-to-day conversations. 

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LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (
1/8/2018 - Posted by Jill Schultz

In this release, we're happy to announce the addition of two new pages to our New User Interface (UI): Messages and What's New, in addition to new options for setting your users' Login Landing Page. It also includes updates to resolve reported issues, primarily related to the New UI, the new Header, User Search, and Messages.


LatitudeLearning receives Honorable Mention for best Channel & Partner LMS
1/2/2018 - Posted by Janay Robinson

Recently Talented Learning, an eLearning news site identified the Top 3 Channel and Partner LMS Vendors. LatitudeLearning, an industry leader in channel performance and the home of the cloud-based channel LMS received an honorable mention.


Enhancements to LMS Configuration Tools and New UI Pages
1/2/2018 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

Return from the holidays to discover new LMS features, including advanced configuration options and sleek new pages. As always, we will provide Release Notes and Support Documentation for all product enhancements scheduled to release on Sunday, January 7. In the meantime, here's a sneak peak at what you'll find in the next enhancement bundle.


LMS Roadmap: My Messages Pages in the new UI
12/20/2017 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

Coming at the end of this month, the “What’s New” and My Messages pages will be released in the new UI. The “What’s New” page will allow Portal Administrators to present custom content to their end users, including content tailored by Organization and Position Branding Tools. Additionally, the “What’s New” page will also be added as a drop down option on the LMS information page, and can be selected as the Login Landing Page, as well as Courses to Complete. The My Messages page will also be updated and available in the new UI. It will follow the same styling as the other new pages in the New UI.


G2 Crowd grants LatitudeLearning High Performer status among LMS community
12/18/2017 - Posted by Janay Robinson

G2 Crowd, a real-time and unbiased user review platform for business software, recently granted LatitudeLearning as a High Performer within the LMS community.


LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (
12/11/2017 - Posted by Jill Schultz

This release includes issue resolution and other maintenance-related items. Key updates include correction of User Search behavior and results display, profile switching using the new Header, restrictions to setting a user's primary profile, and changes to the default stylesheet.


Plug Power Plugs Into Latitude's LMS
12/7/2017 - Posted by Alison Huff

Latitude CG, creator of the LatitudeLearning LMS, is officially announcing a new client, Plug Power.  As "the power source behind the power," Plug Power is a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, effectively replacing lead-acid batteries, particularly in warehouse applications. Lead-acid batteries in forklifts typically require 8 hours to charge and 8 hours to cool down, before providing 8 hours of operation. For large distribution centers that require around-the-clock forklift operation, hydrogen fuel cells need but a minute to refill before resuming operation, maximizing warehouse production. 


Turbo Leadership Systems – A Proven System to Improvement
12/5/2017 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

Leadership development is becoming more critical in the world of business, which is why Larry Dennis, President of Turbo Leadership Systems, is bringing his training to the companies that need it. Their primary focus is privately owned companies because they’re the ones who often need help to development their leadership teams and has trained over 5,000 people.  “I’ve surveyed hundreds of management teams that has led to the development of my workshops and training,” Larry said. “The first thing we do together is understand the power and value of synergy. When there is complete alignment, there is a 71% improvement rate in comparison to those without this mindset.” 


LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (
11/28/2017 - Posted by Jill Schultz

The key updates in this release resolve issues with or improve the function of our new User Interface, the new Reporting Engine, and Advanced User Search.


LMS Roadmap: New Header, Updates to LMS Information Page and Multi-Select
11/21/2017 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

To kick off the roll out of our New User Interface (UI), we have released a brand new LMS Header. This feature brings a fresh look and feel to the product, and introduces users to the icon-based design they can expect to find throughout the new LMS Experience. For users who participate in training activities across multiple organizations, the header also provides a streamlined way to Switch Profiles. 

LMS Roadmap Brooke-01.png

Latitude has a process to ensure your LMS is implemented properly
11/14/2017 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude CG’s SurefireSetup™ is our approach to ensuring your LMS is successfully configured and launched. There are four phases to ensure the success of this methodology: Project KickoffDiscoveryImplementation and Post Launch.


LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (
11/13/2017 - Posted by Jill Schultz

Our latest release offers several major LMS Enhancements. This includes the introduction of Multi-select Values in Advanced User Search-related functions, a New LMS Header for all users and a partial roll out of our New Navigation and Courses to Complete pages, a first step in our ongoing effort to offer a more responsive and graphics-driven LMS user experience. It also provides updates for issues related to search results in Advanced User Search, displays on the legacy Home Page My Details and Employees tabs, messaging logic for notifications that go directly to a student's manager, and the new Reporting Engine.


User Search Employs Type-Ahead, Multi-Select Technologies
11/13/2017 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

The User Search tool has been enhanced with type-ahead technology, replacing drop down menus and data pickers with a smart text field that will provide data matches as you type in real time. Administrators can now apply multiple filter values to each search criterion as well, making it easier to define audiences, target users for announcements, and batch enroll others.


ENHANCEMENT: Define Your Login Landing Page
11/9/2017 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

LatitudeLearning has released two new pages to the LMS: Navigation Menu and Courses to Complete. Users gain access to these New UI pages by clicking the new header icon, then using the Navigation Menu to move seamlessly between New and Legacy UI pages. This enhancement grants Portal Administrators the power to decide when they roll out the new Student Experience to end users by making their LMS Login Landing Page the new Navigation Menu or retaining the legacy Home page experience.


11/8/2017 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

To kick off the roll out of our New User Interface (UI), we have released a brand new LMS Header! This feature brings a fresh look and feel to the product, and introduces users to the icon-driven design they can expect to find throughout the new LMS Experience. For users who participate in training activities across multiple organizations, the header also provides a streamlined way to Switch Profiles.


Bin There Dump That's Training Model Creates Exponential Success
11/7/2017 - Posted by Alison Huff

If you've ever found yourself in the middle of a move or a home remodeling project, you'll recognize the struggle of dealing with a residential clean up job. Bin There Dump That is a residential-friendly dumpster company that emerged as an essential solution for everyday people in need of large-scale debris removal. With more than 140 franchise territories throughout the United States and Canada, Bin There Dump That has seen an incredible amount of prosperity since the organization began franchising in 2004. While much of their success is attributed to an ironclad business model and unwavering dedication to delivering stellar customer service, equally important is their attention to thorough training for their franchisees. We spoke with John Ferracuti, Chief Operating Officer of Bin There Dump That, to learn more about the company's training practices.

Franchise Training Series.png

How to Access New Reporting Engine Training Video
10/30/2017 - Posted by Janay Robinson

LatitudeLearning had a great turn out hosting our live enhancement demonstration on the New Reporting Engine for Portal Administrators. In fact, it was so successful we've decided to make the enhancement highlight available as a training video! Whether you are checking it out for the first time, or revisiting the demo, we've made it convenient for you to access and learn at your own pace.


CyberSkills Establishes Partnership with LatitudeLearning
10/25/2017 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

Six months ago, CyberSkills, a company offering small and medium sized businesses a set of training solutions and consulting services in several key development areas, discovered Latitude Learning and knew their partnership was going to change their business. CyberSkills needed a Learning Management System (LMS) that met their specific criteria they offer as a training and development operation, along with the flexibility to grow and customize as needed. Finding the right LMS proved to be a challenge until Richard D. Pollack Chief Learning Officer and President, CyberSkills, LLC found LatitudeLearning, a leader in channel LMSs. From there, all the pieces came together and Pollack was confident they found their new LMS that could support CyberSkills’ vision and growth.


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