How We're Able To Deliver On Our Promise

We start every implementation with a training first approach known as SurefireSetup™. This is our process for ensuring a successful implementation and launch of your learning management system.

The SurefireSetup™ process consists of three steps:

  1. We train you on LatitudeLearning
  2. You educate us on your training program
  3. Together we setup LatitudeLearning to support your training program

We believe the most important factor for ensuring your training program's success depends on your knowledge of the learning platform you manage it on. Contrary to a typical software implementation, our first step in the SurefireSetup™ is training you on everything LatitudeLearning.

Now it's time for you to train us. You have a specific way you train that should be accommodated by your learning platform, not the other way around. As we start to learn about your training program, together we can start mapping out how your program can be expressed in the LMS. With you first learning about the management system, you now have context about how the system works. Which gives us an opportunity to have a dialogue about how you might want to configure the LatitudeLearning tools to support your program.

Now that we've trained you on how the learning management system works, and you've educated us on your training program, we can collectively figure out the best way to setup your program within LatitudeLearning.

You are now ready to launch your learning platform! You will be able to confidently manage your training program because you understand how the platform works and were completely immersed in every step of the implementation of your training program.