Janay Robinson is part of the Marketing Team at Latitude CG and a content writer for the Latitude Connection Blog. Janay is responsible for updating and maintaining Latitude's websites and social media platforms. On a monthly basis she curates and distributes Latitude CG's well known Channel T.E.A. Newsletter. Her contributions to the Latitude Connection Blog include LMS awards, Channel T.E.A. announcements and training insights.

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5/3/2022 [Podcast] How Compliance Training and Certifications Need to Adapt

4/26/2022 Case Study: Latitude Transforms Testing with Subject7

4/8/2022 LMS Name Assignment - Latitude Incident Response

4/6/2022 Check it out: 2022 1st Edition Channel Tea

3/1/2022 12 Ways Extended Enterprise Training Helps Your Business

1/18/2022 LatitudeLearning recognized as high-performing LMS

12/21/2021 Check it out: 2021 4th Edition Channel Tea

12/14/2021 Zero-Day Exploit - Latitude Incident Response

11/16/2021 We need your vote for Most Valuable Post of 2021

11/8/2021 [On-Demand Webinar] Compliance: Addressing Remote Learning

10/19/2021 [Webinar] Compliance: Remote Training Challenges

10/5/2021 Check it out: 2021 3rd Edition Channel Tea

8/25/2021 The Future of Training

7/15/2021 [Video] Executive Briefing: Training in the Extended Enterprise

7/12/2021 The Training Bank: A 10-year partnership

7/6/2021 Check it out: 2021 2nd Edition Channel Tea

6/8/2021 Here's Your Chance to Snag a Free LMS

5/4/2021 Is Extended Enterprise Learning Right For My Organization?

4/27/2021 [On-Demand Webinar] Covid's Impact on Training

4/26/2021 2021 Latitude March Madness Winners

4/7/2021 Webinar: Covid's impact on training

3/29/2021 Check it out: 2021 1st Edition Channel Tea

3/25/2021 Latitude CG and Polaris: The Power of Learning

3/18/2021 Latitude's Annual March Madness Bracket Challenge

3/16/2021 Latitude Continues Partnership With ATMC

3/3/2021 How to find your perfect LMS

1/18/2021 Latitude CG and Subaru share the love

1/11/2021 Key player in Corporate LMS market

11/3/2020 Rita's Italian Ice "Cool" Training

10/26/2020 Polaris trains worldwide using Latitude

10/6/2020 Learning strategy aimed to empower

10/2/2020 Check out the latest from Channel TEA

9/29/2020 Training program in depth

9/22/2020 Webinar: LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER

8/31/2020 LatitudeLearning named 2020’s Top LMS

8/25/2020 2020 Gartner Market Guide recognition

8/18/2020 Describe your training program

7/28/2020 Training Spotlight: Beef Jerky Outlet

7/20/2020 LatitudeLearning recognized as Top Corporate LMS Software second year in a row

7/13/2020 2020 Training Survey Results: what are you training?

7/8/2020 Now Available: Channel T.E.A., 2020 2nd Quarter Edition

6/30/2020 The Challenge of Managing Skills & Competencies

6/22/2020 Video: Partner Training Challenge Explained

6/16/2020 Training Spotlight: Precision Tune Auto Care

6/1/2020 2020 Training Survey Results: who do you train

5/26/2020 Training Spotlight: Famous Brands International

5/5/2020 The importance of the right LMS

4/28/2020 Now Available: Channel T.E.A., 2020 1st Quarter Edition

4/27/2020 LatitudeLearning as the Answer, provided by Brandon Hall

4/21/2020 Latitude Gives Back Amidst Pandemic

4/14/2020 Annual Training Survey Kickoff

4/3/2020 LatitudeLearning Certified as Smartchoice® Preferred Provider by Brandon Hall Group

2/24/2020 Training Spotlight: GNC

2/11/2020 Results are in: what industry is your organization in?

1/14/2020 Results are in: how many organizations do you provide training to?

12/16/2019 Now Available: Channel T.E.A., 2019 4th Quarter Edition

12/16/2019 Training Spotlight: Biggby

12/10/2019 Results are in: future training program plans

11/19/2019 Results are in: biggest training challenge

10/21/2019 Training Spotlight: Subway

10/8/2019 Results are in: training program success

9/10/2019 Results are in: training program in depth

8/19/2019 Train More People With Less Effort

8/13/2019 Results are in: describe your training program

7/22/2019 Training Spotlight: Big Boy Restaurants

7/9/2019 Results are in: what are you training?

6/24/2019 Training Spotlight: 7-Eleven

6/11/2019 Results are in: who are you training?

8/7/2018 LatitudeLearning included in G2 Crowd's Summer 2018 Reports as Best Corporate LMS Software

7/24/2018 LatitudeLearning included in G2 Crowd's Summer 2018 Reports as Best LMS Software

4/5/2018 LatitudeLearning maintains its High Performer status in G2 Crowd's Best LMS Software

1/22/2018 LatitudeLearning lands in G2 Crowd's Top 20 Highest Rated LMS Software

1/2/2018 LatitudeLearning receives Honorable Mention for best Channel & Partner LMS

12/18/2017 G2 Crowd grants LatitudeLearning High Performer status among LMS community

10/30/2017 How to Access New Reporting Engine Training Video

10/5/2017 Big News for Latitude's T.E.A. Collection on 2 Year Anniversary

8/7/2017 Have you subsribed to OEM T.E.A.?

7/6/2017 Polaris Industries sought more control with new LMS

6/21/2017 G2 Crowd ranks LatitudeLearning Top 4 LMS for Midsize Business

6/14/2017 G2 Crowd ranks LatitudeLearning Top 6 LMS for Small Business

5/30/2017 New Webinar Kick-off: Ask The Expert

5/19/2017 Have you subsribed to Franchise T.E.A.?

3/7/2017 Latitude introduces new R&D Forum for LMS community

3/7/2017 LatitudeLearning launches new look & feel of LMS

12/15/2016 Training in a world with autonomous cars

10/18/2016 LatitudeLearning adds new O.E.M. Newsletter to TEA Collection

6/21/2016 Latitude attends 25th Annual IFE in New York City

4/6/2016 GNC's personalized onboarding training brings success to franchisees

3/23/2016 Biggby's training practices: From a franchisee's perspective

3/8/2016 Subway combines online, in-store and classroom training to provide effective training for franchisees

2/24/2016 Big Boy Restaurants involve corporate throughout franchisee training program

2/5/2016 Latitude CG surpasses 10,000 LearningCenter portal setups

2/2/2016 7-Eleven takes franchisees back to school with C.O.O.L. training program

1/20/2016 Freakin' Unbelievable Burgers' training focuses on more than just their service and product

1/5/2016 Sweet Lorraine's provides simple franchise system with continual training

12/8/2015 Polaris Industries' sought more control with new Latitude LearningCenter

12/2/2015 Latitude Learning unveils Franchise Newsletter

11/25/2015 Giordano's hands-on training approach

11/3/2015 Employee Training vs. Extended Enterprise Training

11/2/2015 Latitude attends Detroit's 2015 Franchise Expo
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