Sarah Robinson plays an integral part of the LatitudeLearning Launch team as a Business Analyst. When she first began her career at Latitude CG she joined as a ClientCare Representative, where she really learned the ins and outs of the LatitudeLearning LMS. She is now recognized, by her fellow co-workers and Latitude clientele, as a LatitudeLearning expert. Sarah often blogs about upcoming enhancements and changes to the LMS.

Publish Date
10/6/2020 ENHANCEMENT: LMS Audit Trail

9/29/2020 Navigate the LMS Experience

9/22/2020 New LMS Navigation Menu

9/14/2020 Coordinate Training Schedules with User Substitution

7/16/2020 ENHANCEMENT: Edit My Learning Page

7/14/2020 New "My Learning" Page Completes the Student Experience

6/16/2020 ENHANCEMENT: New Course Search

6/15/2020 ENHANCEMENT: New Course Action Buttons

3/2/2020 My Team Dashboard Gets Skilled

2/25/2020 New "Skills" Page Replaces Old Curriculum Views

11/5/2019 ENHANCEMENT: Course Tile View

11/4/2019 COMING SOON: Course Image Defaults

9/29/2019 ENHANCEMENT: Transcript Import Tool

9/29/2019 ENHANCEMENT: User Image

8/23/2019 Add a Course Image

8/23/2019 Export Options on Audience, User Search, My Team Pages

8/22/2019 My Team Certifications Page

8/20/2019 Training History Export Options

6/10/2019 ENHANCEMENT: Reports Utilize Improved Person-to-Person Scoping Logic

4/29/2019 ENHANCEMENT: My Team Dashboard Offers New Features

4/16/2019 ENHANCEMENTS: User Groups and Training History

4/1/2019 ENHANCEMENT: Dynamic eLearning Course Shell

2/26/2019 My Team Release 2: User Details and Team Goals

12/5/2018 My Team Tool Provides a New Manager Experience

10/23/2018 Assign Course Goals for Prescriptive, Promotional, or Personalized Training

9/17/2018 New Features Help Track Training Progress: Goals, My Goals, Summary Reports

8/7/2018 New Workflow Wizards

8/7/2018 Assign Training Goals to Your People

8/7/2018 Goal Rules Automate Certification Assignment

6/25/2018 ENHANCEMENT: Favorite Tools

5/22/2018 ENHANCEMENT: Scheduled Reports

4/16/2018 Coming Soon: Manager Announcements and Certificate Branding

1/16/2018 ENHANCEMENT: Define Your LMS Home Page

1/16/2018 ENHANCEMENT: Simplified Student, Manager Workflow from Navigation Page

1/2/2018 Enhancements to LMS Configuration Tools and New UI Pages

11/13/2017 User Search Employs Type-Ahead, Multi-Select Technologies

11/9/2017 ENHANCEMENT: Define Your Login Landing Page

11/8/2017 ENHANCEMENT: New LMS Header

9/25/2017 LMS Report Writer for Portal Administrators

9/25/2017 Using the Reporting Engine to Run and Manage Reports

7/25/2017 LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

7/18/2017 LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

7/11/2017 LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

7/3/2017 LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

6/29/2017 Build Audiences for Unlimited Batch Course Enrollment and Announcements

6/13/2017 LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

5/30/2017 Administrative Data Scoping for Franchise Model Businesses

5/16/2017 LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

5/2/2017 LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

4/17/2017 LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

4/3/2017 LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

3/7/2017 LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

2/7/2017 LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

10/24/2016 Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (

7/5/2016 Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (

3/28/2016 Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (

8/3/2015 Meet Latitude's team player: Sarah Robinson