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LMS Roadmap: Auto-Assign Goals
8/27/2018 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

Auto-Assign Course goals was recently released on August 5th. We have reengineered the Goal Transitions to an Automated Goal Assignment functionality, so that administrators can easily see all of the automated goal assignments. We modified the current assignments so it is made by Audience rather than the current Training Program, Position Group, or Certification/Curriculum. We also enabled administrators the ability to specify when the automated goal assignment is run (daily, weekly, monthly, and on demand). The Goal Rules feature provides Portal Administrators a new way to automatically assign learners their certification goals based on any combination of user profile attributes or training status. 

LMS Roadmap Brooke-01.png

LMS Roadmap: Favorite Tools, German Translations & Minor Enhancements
6/26/2018 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

The next release will be on 6/24. Included in this release, will be Favorite Tools, German Translations and a few minor enhancements.
Favorite Tools, is a tool for Administrators to use, to maintain their more often used tools on the Administration page in the LMS. Every function normally available to the admin on the left hand side of the page will appear in the “hidden” column. Simply drag and drop the box from the left column to the right, for it to display on the Favorite Tools page. You must click “Save” at the bottom of the page, before navigating away. 


LMS Roadmap: Report Scheduling & Minor Enhancements
5/22/2018 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

The next release will be on 5/29, after the Memorial Day holiday. Included in that release, will be Report Scheduling, Self-Study Course Content, a streaming MP4 Video Player, and more minor enhancements.


LMS Roadmap: A variety of minor enhancements to strengthen your LMS experience
4/23/2018 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

Here is a rundown of activities regarding LatitudeLearning. The latest release included some minor enhancements to improve usability and security of the system. The username field was changed to a type-ahead “user” field, that when utilized searches on First Name, Last Name and Username. Another enhancement was made to improve security. When resetting a user’s password, they will receive two separate emails, so that their username and password are not in the same email. By the end of April, there will be new options for setting the login landing page, and the home page. Every available icon on the Navigation page, will be an option.


LMS Roadmap: Minor enhancements to make a big difference
3/25/2018 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

The latest release included some minor enhancements to improve security, and usability in the system. The first enhancement was to remove the password from the LMS verification email that is sent when a person signs up for a free LMS. The user is now sent their username, without the password in the email, to improve security.  
Another enhancement was made to enable the branding flag on the LMS Information page, to give the administrator the ability to turn branding on or off for their portal.


LMS Roadmap: Navigation Editor
2/26/2018 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

We have recently released a Navigation Editor that allows you to pick and choose which icons you’d like to display/hide, and what order they appear on the Navigation page. Administrators can click on the Administrator icon  and then go to the Site Management link, and then the Edit Navigation Page. This will take you to the Navigation Editor. To use the Editor, you simply drag and drop the icons from one column to the other, or up and down the column for the order you would like to see them in. Then you click the “save” button at the bottom of the page. Once you do this, your changes will be reflected immediately on the navigation page. 


LMS Roadmap: New Student and Manager Workflow
1/30/2018 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

Your monthly update by Brooke Oprsal on some of our activities regarding the LatitudeLearning LMS product. We started the New Year by rolling out a brand New Student/Manager Workflow. You’ll find a much simpler, cleaner look to the user interface, when accessing pages from the navigation icon. The purpose of this enhancement was to make the Student & Manager experience much more user friendly, and less complex. You will find the left navigation bar has been removed, the titles are bigger, and the page descriptions have been removed. The legacy pages are still available, when navigating from the legacy home page. Administrators will be able to access the legacy left-hand navigation, through the gear-shift icon in the header.


LMS Roadmap: My Messages Pages in the new UI
12/20/2017 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

Coming at the end of this month, the “What’s New” and My Messages pages will be released in the new UI. The “What’s New” page will allow Portal Administrators to present custom content to their end users, including content tailored by Organization and Position Branding Tools. Additionally, the “What’s New” page will also be added as a drop down option on the LMS information page, and can be selected as the Login Landing Page, as well as Courses to Complete. The My Messages page will also be updated and available in the new UI. It will follow the same styling as the other new pages in the New UI.


LMS Roadmap: New Header, Updates to LMS Information Page and Multi-Select
11/21/2017 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

To kick off the roll out of our New User Interface (UI), we have released a brand new LMS Header. This feature brings a fresh look and feel to the product, and introduces users to the icon-based design they can expect to find throughout the new LMS Experience. For users who participate in training activities across multiple organizations, the header also provides a streamlined way to Switch Profiles. 

LMS Roadmap Brooke-01.png

LMS Roadmap: New Reporting Engine
10/23/2017 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

LatitudeLearning is empowering Portal Administrators with a flexible new report writer tool, allowing them to create, organize, share, and execute custom reports. Extract the exact Course Transcript or Training Goal data you want from the LMS by defining a list of report criteria and result columns. Then name the report, save it to a folder, and run it any time.


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