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Replace My Calendar page with Responsive Page

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Create a calendar on which the student can see all their important training events such as scheduled offerings, goal due dates, transcript expiration dates, etc. User can click a date with event indicator to open event details in modal. Clicking on Month name will open same modal with all flagged events in list.

Training event details will vary based on type. Event types and links to training detail provided below.

1.    Due

o   Course Goal --> Course Detail

o   Certification Goal --> Certification Status

2.    Expiring

o   Course Credit --> Course Detail

o   Certification Expiration --> Certification Status

o   Certification Update Warning (date that new/update course is required to maintain certification) --> Course Detail

3.    Scheduled Training Event

o   Meeting Time and Facility

o   Offering user is “Scheduled” to attend --> Offering Detail

o   Scheduled Teaching Event (Instructor role only) --> Offering Detail

Requirements & Design

Please find the requirements and design doc attached PDF

Phase: Requirements

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