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Add Goals Page

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Add a new responsive Goals page that present graphical summary information at the top.

The new Goals page will display certification goals assigned to the user's subordinates, as scoped by her organization and management structures. To ensure page load performance, the default view will be filtered to show employee goals assigned in the past year at admin's logged-in Location; A graphical representation of the status of the goals will be displayed. (Achieved vs. Assigned).



Please find the requirements attached below: PDF

Acceptance Test Plan


Please find the Acceptance Test Plan attached below: PDF



  • Build 07/23/18 - 08/10/18
  • QA Test Sprint 08/06/18 - 08/31/18
  • Release Sprint 09/03/18 - 09/14/18
  • Go Live 09/16/18


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  • Carmen Sorenson 9/21/2018
    I really like the new goals page and think it will be very valuable to my management team and cut down on the number of questions the training team is asked about remaining courses, what certification etc. My only concern is that it appears the managers have the ability to waive a goal. We have training incorporated into some of our certifications that are for SOX compliance or ISO related so I need to make sure that managers cannot override a goal assignment. I would love to be able to turn that waive feature off for my LMS. I understand that in the near future I will be able to get reports about any goals that are waived which will help but being able to remove that feature for anyone other than system administrator would be ideal.

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