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Checkbox for Completed Certifications

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When someone has completed all the courses in a Certification and the View Goals changes to "C," there is no box.  This becomes a difficulty when an administrator doesn't learn about Certifications (or decide to use them) until after someone has completed a Certification.  Now there's no way to check the box.  This means that Certification doesn't show up for that user and there's nothing the administrator can do about that.  Plus, when I add a course to the Certification, they do not have access to it.  I've tried to figure out why there isn't a box there - what harm could it cause?  I'd really like to have the ability to check a box even when it's complete.

Okay, from the beginning, all Certifications are unchecked and the Learner does not have access to any in the Certification tab dropdown.  If the Administrator checks one, it’s now available to the learner.  When the Learner completes all the courses for that Certification, it goes to “C.”  If the Portal Administrator changes it, perhaps adding a new course for the entire system, it goes from “C” back to “CG” until the Learner completes the new training.

The problem is…not all Administrators know to use Certifications.  Some of them are assigning courses manually.  We’ve worked hard to try to make our entire system aware of it, but some schools have not begun to use it and sometimes a new Administrator just hasn’t learned about it yet.  We train Franchise Owners for new schools, but they may not have hired their Administrator yet and there may be a gap between them setting up new Learners and being trained on Certifications.

The troublesome scenario looks like this.  From the beginning a Certification is unchecked.  The Administrator assigns training via Enroll Others and the Learner completes all the courses in the Certification.  It changes from “SG” to “C.”  The Administrator is trained on Certifications and goes to set everyone up, but this Learner has no place for her to check.  So the Certification is unavailable to this learner.  And if the Portal Administrator adds a course to the Certification, all the other Learners at that location drop back to “CG” and have that course available to take.  But not this Learner.  The Administrator has to realize this and set them up separately or go back to manually assigning the course with Enroll Others or the Learner will not have access to the new training.

So the word “reassign” does not apply here.  Checking the box should keep the Certification assigned until someone chooses to uncheck it.  Whether it’s “C” or “CG.”  When it’s “C” the Administrator should have the option to uncheck it because she may move the Learner from being a Preschool Teacher to being a Toddler Teacher who no longer needs access to the training in that Certification.  Currently that’s not possible either.

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