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Direct Reports Switch for Approvals tab

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People who approve registrations, enrollments and interest are sometimes part of multiple organizations. However, they may not be aware that they are part of multiple organizations and thus may forget to switch organizations when approving registrations, enrollments and interest.


It has been suggested that we develop a switch that allows administrators to switch between location employees and all direct reports when preparing to approve registrations, interests and enrollments. By default, the switch would be set to location employees.

The way it would work would be to display the search criteria when on the Approvals tab. Two radio buttons would appear beneath the search criteria: Location Employees and Direct Reports. The administrator could choose between both of them to get criteria for their search.

With this in place, the person could potentially approve registrations, enrollments and interest from their direct reports in other locations as well as their reports in their location. The Search area would be expanded by default.
It is estimated that this would take some 30-50 hours and affect the Pending Enrollments, Pending Registrations and Pending Interests pages.

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