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Display Home Page HTML by Position Group

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Enhance LatitudeLearning so administrators can configure the home page’s Home Page HTML by position group. The Home Page HTML is the section at the top of the Home Page.


Upon login, the system will identify the user’s position group and display the appropriate HTML content in the display frame. Please note a position group’s Home Page HTML will override the user’s organization’s Home Page HTML and the portal’s language-specific default Home Page HTML. If the user is not part of a position group, then display the Home Page HTML file specified in the user's organization.

To allow administrators to specify the position group’s Home Page HTML, the Add/Edit Position Group page will be enhanced to include a “Home Page HTML File” drop down field. The drop down will default to “Inherit from organization” and list all the HTML Content Files available in the HTML Content File Library. If “Inherit from organization” is selected, the user’s organization’s Home Page HTML file will be used.

Administrators will use the existing Edit HTML Content page to create and update HTML files. This page allows administrators to add and edit files in the HTML Content File Library.

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