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New Student and Manager Workflow

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The goal of this project is to modify the student and manager workflow from the Navigation page by creating a second version of the existing student and manager pages that don’t have navigation elements on them. The new pages will function exactly as the old pages except for changes in navigation.

Additionally, functionality will be added to the LMS Information Page so that a Portal Administrator will be able select the page to be displayed when the header home page icon or logo is clicked.

Lastly, a gear icon will be added to the headers (ASPX, Angular and Reporting) for administrator and instructor roles that will link to a new administration page. 


Please find the requirements attached here: PDF

Acceptance Test Plan

Please find the Acceptance Test Plan attached here: PDF


  • Build 12/11/17 - 12/22/17
  • QA Test Sprint 12/25/17 - 01/05/18
  • Release Sprint 01/08/18 - 01/19/18
  • Go Live 01/21/18

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