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Required Course Enrollment -- Create modal message for conflicts

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Following recent "Courses To Complete" enhancement to always display the "Launch" button for self-paced courses types (Self-Study, eLearning, Assessment), this is a request to display enrollment conflicts in modal window. User will have options to click through modal for next step [YES], or return to Courses To Complete page with no action taken [NO]. 


In the following enrollment scenarios, Launch button click should trigger modal pop-up requiring user to indicate next steps:

  1. Course with tuition greater than zero. Subscription exception: If user belongs to subscribing location, do NOT prompt for payment.
    -- [YES] points to purchase options.
  2. Course flagged Approval Required: Yes
    -- [YES] completes enrollment pending approval.
  3.  Courses with no content.
    -- [YES] points to Course Details.


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