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Student UI Prototype

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Latitude has built a design prototype for new student user interface. The prototype is a series of click-through pages that convey the direction we want to take the student interface. The click-through prototype and the feedback we receive on it will be used as the basis for our new student user interface.

We invite you to review the student UI prototype and give us your feed back in the comments below. to launch the prototype, click on the "Launch Prototype" button below. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Layout on mobile has known issues that will be addressed in a future release.

Launch Prototype

Thank you for all your feedback. Based on your feedback we've adopted an icon-based navigation page. To get to the navigation page users will click on the 3x3 icon in the header. The header now includes a home button and a set as home button. The vision is that Administrators will be able to add and remove functionality by role by adding and removing icons from the role's navigation page. Additionally, administrators will be able to set the default home page for the LMS to be any page they choose. Lastly, individual users will be able to override the default home page by clicking the "set as home page" icon. That will set whatever current page the user is on as their home page.

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  • Trisha Crigger 5/15/2017
    I like the direction this is heading. I really like that we will be able to add and remove icons.
  • David Millar 5/2/2017
    You mention administrators being able to add or remove icons from the navigation page. Would we be able to link the e-mails to a page if a new page had been created to assist with navigation?
  • Effenbeck 4/11/2017
    would like the transcripts visible in the left menu or still on the main page rather than buried, thanks

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