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Enhance the reporting engine with new entities that summarize course transcript or certification transcript/goal data. Portal Administrators can use the report writer to build a summary report using the same Standard Filters and Advanced Filters criteria. However, Column selections will determine the ordered grouping of results data, and therefore will be limited to a few per entity.

All current add/edit report functionality will work with new entities (i.e. Share with Roles, Scheduled Reports, Report List action buttons, etc). Users running summary reports will continue to return transcript results according to their Organization oversight and Position/P2P hierarchy.

Report Results for these entities will display transcript records and record counts to standard. Summary results will provide a new “count” column and offer graphical display of data. Column sort order will determine the grouping logic of transcript/goal data, and therefore drive quality of summary information and charts. Hide/display graphics by clicking “Toggle Chart” button; explore options with drop down menu, which defaults to Pie chart.


Please find the requirements attached below: PDF


  • Build 07/23/18 - 08/10/18
  • QA Test Sprint 08/13/18 - 08/31/18
  • Release Sprint 09/03/18 - 09/14/18
  • Go Live 09/16/18

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