Implemented Enhancements

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1/22/2023   Accreditation at all Profiles

1/8/2023   Additional Standard and Advanced filters in the Reporting Engine

12/11/2022   Verification of Competency

11/13/2022   Google Translate Browser Extension

9/6/2022   Add Separate ILT/WBT Enrollment Messages

8/21/2022   Offering Admin Designation (w/o list administration)

7/10/2022   Add Inactive User filter to User Search

5/15/2022   Increase the SCORM size limit

1/23/2022   Replace My Calendar page with Responsive Page

1/23/2022   Offering Details Slide-in Phase I

11/14/2021   Course Details & Accreditation Modal with a Right-Hand Slide-in

9/7/2021   User Deactivation Notification

5/16/2021   User Group Import

5/16/2021   Move Support icons to left-hand menu for Portal Admins

4/11/2021   Organization Level Messaging

4/11/2021   Multilingual Course Load Enhancement

3/14/2021   Team Skills Display Enhancements

2/28/2021   Course Billing Updates

2/28/2021   ASE Import/Export

1/17/2021   Move all import processes to new menu item called Imports

12/31/2020   Sunset Support of Internet Explorer 11

12/20/2020   User Reporting Entity

12/6/2020   Improve nomenclature around Certification Engine

11/8/2020   Offering Attachments

11/8/2020   Update Transcript Status from Attend/Pass to Pass

10/25/2020   Minimum Training Requirement Import

10/25/2020   Location Auto Enrollment and Max out of location

10/25/2020   Rename Edit Navigation Page to Edit Navigation

10/25/2020   Update Button Alignment on Skills' pages

10/11/2020   Audit Trail for the LMS

10/11/2020   Add Link for Video Conferencing on Courses to Complete, My Learning and Course Catalog

9/27/2020   Navigation Page/Slide in Menu and Mail icon in Header

9/13/2020   Location Manager Substitution

8/16/2020   Header Switch Profiles: Allow filtering locations/dealers by code

8/16/2020   Add Position Group dropdown to My Skills page

7/19/2020   My Learning Page - Phase II

7/19/2020   Course Search - Course Group Details - Component list display

7/7/2020   Remove What's New title from What's New page

6/21/2020   Required Course Enrollment -- Create modal message for conflicts

6/21/2020   Responsive Course Catalog Page

6/21/2020   My Learning Page - Phase I

5/10/2020   Add Cancel button for ILT's in My Team Modal

3/1/2020   Team Skills Page

2/16/2020   Chrome 80 - SCORM Player Progress

2/2/2020   Add Cancel Enrollments for Self-Paced Courses from My Team Modal

12/8/2019   Embed Training for Add User

11/10/2019   Responsive Featured Courses Page

10/13/2019   Add Performance Metrics to Goals filter

10/13/2019   Add Course Score as a criteria to Audience, Goal Rule & Assign Goals pages

10/13/2019   Add meeting start & end time, offering location & room to reports

9/29/2019   Create tool for mass transcript import

9/29/2019   User Image

9/15/2019   Course Reports: Add column "eLearning Session Time"

9/15/2019   Assessment > Launch > "Score Test" Button Improvements

9/15/2019   Add “cancel” to the drop down “Status” field options when processing rosters

9/15/2019   "No Show" message added to available messages

9/3/2019   Extend Branding Control to Position Groups

9/3/2019   Course Image

9/3/2019   Team Certifications Page

9/3/2019   Add Export Options to Audience, User Search, My Team Pages

8/18/2019   Add Export Button to Training History Page

8/4/2019   Add Notes Field

6/9/2019   Direct Reporting Scoping Changes, Phase II: Reporting page

5/9/2019   My Team - Edit Profile replaces User Group Participation Tool

4/28/2019   Direct Reporting Scoping Changes, Phase I: My Team and Assign Goals pages

4/28/2019   Approvals Page

4/14/2019   User Groups and Profiles

4/14/2019   Training History Page

3/31/2019   Dynamic Course Shell

3/3/2019   Enhance User Search with "Preferred Language" criteria

3/3/2019   New Manager Workflow - My Team

3/3/2019   Add last login date to the standard and advanced reporting filters

1/14/2019   Course 308 - Administrator Certification Exam

1/6/2019   Update the system to give the proper certificate of completion

1/6/2019   Add Automate Goals from Interest List for Course Goals

12/21/2018   Add Due Date as Filter on Goals Page

12/21/2018   Add Course Brand as an advanced filter and column to Course Reports

12/21/2018   Add an Automate Goals from Course Due Date flag to the LMS information page

12/12/2018   Course 307 - Reports Course in Navigator Portal

12/3/2018   Course 306 - Managing Enrollments Course in Navigator Portal

11/19/2018   Course 305 - Managing Users, Course in Navigator Portal

11/12/2018   Course 304 - Organizing the User Experience, available in Navigator

11/11/2018   Remove the Status column from Course Catalog v2

11/11/2018   Replace Assessment Question Letters with Numbers

11/11/2018   Enhance User Search page with updated site text

11/11/2018   On Add/Edit Cert page rename Ordinal to Certification Level

11/11/2018   Enhance Search Instructor page

11/11/2018   Add Position Group and Position Start Date as Criteria in User Search and Audience

11/11/2018   In User Search rename criteria Certification/Curriculum to Certification.

11/11/2018   Course Status added to Advanced Filters and Columns in Reports

10/28/2018   Implement Course Goals User Interface

10/28/2018   Every Portal Admin to have a profile in the Navigator Portal

10/22/2018   Course 303 - Organizing Content as Courses, available in Navigator

10/8/2018   Course 302 - "Organizing People" available in Navigator

9/30/2018   Directly Reports to and Reports Up to

9/30/2018   Course 300 - Intro to Latitude Learning Administration available in Navigator

9/19/2018   Course on "How to add an organization" in Navigator

9/16/2018   Navigation Page Counters

9/16/2018   Add Goals Page

9/16/2018   Summary Reports

9/16/2018   Replace Training Goals page and rename it My Goals

9/16/2018   Improve Mobile Usability by updating default stylesheet

9/10/2018   Course overview of the User Experience in Navigator

8/19/2018   Active Presenter

8/19/2018   Reporting Overview Course in Navigator Portal

8/7/2018   Add Introductory Course to Courses in Latitude Navigator

8/5/2018   Automated Goals Assignment

8/5/2018   HTML completion indicator for all portals

8/5/2018   Organizational Overview Course in Navigator Portal

7/26/2018   Tools Bootcamp Online in Latitude Navigator - Locations, Positions, Roles

6/24/2018   CC Immediate Managers on Messages

6/24/2018   Favorite Tools functionality for Administrators

6/24/2018   Remove modal confirmation window for successful delete action

6/24/2018   Add resource type that links to an html content page

6/24/2018   Remove enrollment cancel acknowledgement

6/24/2018   German Translation

5/29/2018   Enhance Self-Study Course Type to Support Streaming Video and Resource Content

5/29/2018   Schedule Reports

5/29/2018   User must change password on next login

5/29/2018   For Required Courses, add enroll/launch/cancel buttons

5/29/2018   Playing MP4 Resources

5/29/2018   Add Chat Icon to Navigator Portal

5/29/2018   Add Support Icon to Navigator Portal

5/29/2018   Add Launch Button to Self-Paced Learning w/ conflict checking

5/29/2018   Update Courses To Complete page to always display the Launch button for self-paced course types (Self-Study, eLearning, Assessment)

5/29/2018   Add Customer Portal Icon to the Navigator Portal

5/29/2018   Audience Name character limit expanded to 255

5/29/2018   Required Tab on Courses to Complete should display accurate status

4/29/2018   Permit Portal administrators to choose logo for certificates

4/29/2018   Add all icons as options for Landing Page

4/29/2018   Add all Icons to Home Page options

4/29/2018   User Registration Requires approval, make it clickable on LMS Info page

4/29/2018   Make Training Provider an org property (Course Instructors/Facilities)

4/29/2018   Add Announcement icon to Navigation page and editor

4/29/2018   Add Action buttons to component courses

4/29/2018   Don’t display component courses on larger list on Courses to Complete page

4/29/2018   Add Launch button to Resource Details page

4/29/2018   Add Primary Position Filter to Reporting Engine

4/15/2018   Modify Filter Criteria to change "Username Search" to Type-ahead "User" Search on Search Users Page

4/1/2018   Remove Student Language Pack Licenses from LMS Info Page

4/1/2018   Increase the max image size in the image library to 10 MB

4/1/2018   The HTML Content Dropdown for Org branding removed from pages/ for user created content. Alphabatize.

4/1/2018   The HTML editor on the EDIT HTML PAGE needs to span the width of the body.

3/18/2018   Report Page Standardization

3/18/2018   Support Portal to support the new UI

3/18/2018   Make Brand flag on Org Details an org property

3/18/2018   Remove Password from LMS Verification email

3/4/2018   Move "Browse By Topics" to Left Nav

3/4/2018   Add Checkbox to View Goals page for Completed Goals

3/4/2018   Add Training Schedule Icon

3/4/2018   Add "User Group" in Standard Filter in the Reporting Engine

3/4/2018   Add "Assign Date" for Certification for Standard Filter

3/4/2018   Course Catalog Updates

2/18/2018   Navigation Editor

2/18/2018   Course Search Updates

2/18/2018   Make magnifying glass in Course Search box clickable

2/4/2018   Update the Courses To Complete Page in new UI

1/21/2018   New Student and Manager Workflow

1/7/2018   Update What's New Page in the new UI

1/7/2018   Update Messages Page in the new UI

12/31/2017   Paypal E-Commerce Services Update

11/12/2017   New Unified Header

11/12/2017   Multi-Select Functionality within User Search

11/12/2017   Portal Setting: LMS Landing Page

11/12/2017   Standards and Styling Requirements

9/24/2017 12:00 AM   New Reporting Engine

7/16/2017   New Navigation and Courses to Complete Pages

6/30/2017   Unlimited Enroll Others and Audience

5/28/2017   Enhance Quick Profile Updater and Edit User Scoping

5/24/2017   Student UI Prototype

3/19/2017   Course Search Improvement

3/19/2017   Move Enrollments when User Profile Deactivated

3/5/2017   Create Course Taxonomy Capability

3/5/2017   Two Factor Authentication Modification

3/5/2017   Update User Interface to a Comtemporary Styling

2/21/2017   Captcha on Password Reset Page

2/21/2017   Present an Employee Count Column in Location Search

2/5/2017   Display Home Page HTML by Position Group

  Create User Interface to manage Brands

  Require user to reset password after a system or administrator generated password is issued

  Checkbox for Completed Certifications

  Include Signup Link in Login widget

  Direct Reports Switch for Approvals tab

  Enhance User Search criteria "Position" to account for Person-to-Person Hierarchy

  Make "User Group" records easy to find and manage

  Provide user account option to upload photo

  Add New Report Filters and Column for Brands

  Courses To Complete -- Add course Resource list to details expando

  Add Ordinals to Skill Area Configuration

  Change action button on Course Group listing from Information to Launch