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Create Course Taxonomy Capability

Go Live: 3/5/2017        Phase: Implemented         9 Likes  Like            2 Comments
This enhancement allows for a browsable taxonomy of courses. This includes creating the ability to for an administrator to "turn on" course taxonomy navigation, define an n-tier taxonomy tree and assign multiple topics (i.e. taxons) to a course. If course taxonomy navigation is turned on, the student should be able to drill down on the course taxonomy from the left column and search the course catalog by course topic.


  • Tom Merritt - 2 years 240 days ago     0 Likes  Like
    Thank you for this proposal. Yes, we have had a number of clients indicate this would be a positive enhancement for them. We are actively looking at bringing this into production.
  • Latitude Learning Team - 2 years 252 days ago     0 Likes  Like
    This enhancement is open for requirements gathering.

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