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Permit Portal administrators to choose logo for certificates

Go Live: 4/29/2018        Phase: Implemented         33 Likes  Like            2 Comments
Allow portal administrators to upload and choose the logo for certificates.


  • Sonia Gottfried - 1 years 334 days ago     0 Likes  Like
    Chris, our Learning Management System has been built to allow our customers to tailor the LMS to their exact specifications depending on the organization's training needs. We are constantly working to improve our product to better serve our clients. You are welcome to suggest your enhancement recommendation here Our R&D team welcomes your input.

  • Chris Sealey - 1 years 336 days ago     0 Likes  Like
    This is such an important and yet simple enhancement that would increase customer satisfaction and user experience. It's a low hanging fruit that has big pay off. Having to pay close to $300 for this is not a good selling point

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