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Add "Link to Classroom" button to ILT Course Tile and Detail Expando

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Add Offering form offers "Link to Classroom" field. Instructors/admins can add link to external meeting application (, Zoom, etc.) to each offering, and use "Webinar" facilities to track Meeting Time Zones.

Legacy Offering Details page displays a "Link to Classroom" button to users enrolled in offering. Enrolled/scheduled user can click button to open meeting link in new window.

Angular pages such as Courses To Complete and Course Search should offer same "Link to Classroom" button functionality. 

  1. Create new standard action button "Link to Classroom" for course Delivery Method: Classroom
  2. Add it to Course Tile (fa-external-link) and Detail Expando (text) action buttons
  3. Button should only display if associated field is defined for offering. Hide button once final Meeting Time has passed (last meeting date/time in list is before today).


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