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Assign a dynamic Featured Course list based on users' Location, Position Code, User Group, or Audience Membership

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Administrators can create a list of Featured Courses that display on a user's Home page based on their Location assignments. The suggestion is to enhance this feature by allowing administrators to spotlight a dynamic list of Featured Courses based on users' Location, Position Code, and/or User Group assignments.

Individualize the Featured Course experience with the ability to assign a list to an Audience, which is problematic by design. Audience is not an attribute of individual. Audience requires rule to run in real time to determine whether or not user belongs, then render UI pages accordingly, which is taxing on system. I.e. Every time a user opened the Navigation Menu and/or Featured Courses page, it would trigger ALL audience rules in portal to run, then determine which audience user belongs to – if any – and display icons/page data accordingly.

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