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Automated Messaging Options for Course Completion

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The LMS, while it has the capability of sending automated messages to users, doesn't allow for messages to be sent to users for a specific/individual course. The message applies to all courses that have been completed. So as an example, we want a message to go to all users who've completed e-learning course ABC. The message that we want to send is specific to the ABC Course only and no other course. At present, the Message feature will send out an automated message, but it will be sent to ALL users who complete ANY course, and that's not what we need. I understand that the LMS has an Announcements feature, but unfortunately, it isn't automated, which requires us to manually send out messages, but only after running a report to see who's completed the training so that we know who to send the message to.


  • Angie Elliott - 3 years 40 days ago     0 Likes  Like
    I would offer that there be the ability to enable custom enrollment notification, reminders, and completion notifications per course/learning object.

    As an example, our portal serves both internal and external customers. Many of our external customers have fake/dead email accounts listed in their profiles. So if we turned the notifications on at the site/portal level our inbox would be flooded with bouncebacks. Whereas our internal employees all have confirmed company email addresses and they would receive the emails no problem, but this is not something we can turn off by user, so perhaps it would be helpful to be able to select it by course.

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