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Latitude will create a gamification tool that allows administrators to create games. For each game administrators will define the game type, participants, point values per activity, objectives and badges.

There will be two game types: solitaire and competitive. In solitaire games the learner’s goal is to achieve the next objective and learners are not compared to their peers. In competitive games the learner’s goal is to achieve the next objective but they can see how they rank relative to the other participants in the game.

Administrators will define a set of user criteria (position, organization, name, etc.) to assign game participants. Administrators will also define how often the user criteria is run (daily, weekly, monthly, on demand) to add/drop participants.

Administrators will also define the game’s point values for each learning activity. They will be able to define the default point value for any certification, skill or course completion, as well as the point value for completion of individual certifications, skills or courses.

The game’s objectives will be defined by objectives and badges. A objective is defined as either cumulative points achieved (i.e. Objective 1 is 10 points, Objective 2 is 50 points) or top percentage of point achieved (i.e. Objective 1 is top 25%, Objective 2 is top 10%). The administrator can optionally upload a badge image for each objective. If a learner achieves that objective they will be granted the badge.

Learners will be able to see the games they’re participating in and their status via a “Games” icon on the navigation. They will also be able to see the games they’ve participated in and the badges they’ve collected via the Training History page.

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