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Create My Team Dashboards Page

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The My Team tool will be enhanced to include a Dashboards page. The Dashboard page will include all the dashboards a manager has created. Dashboards are saved configurations of the manager’s People, Goals, Courses, Certifications, Skills or User Group pages. They allow managers to easily check status using one of these pages without having to re-enter all the filter criteria.

A “+Dashboard” button will be added to each of the aforementioned pages. When clicked the user will be asked to name the dashboard. Upon saving the dashboard will be added to the manager’s Dashboards page.

The Dashboards page will display all of the manager’s dashboards. For each dashboard managers will be able to view or delete the dashboard. Clicking View will take the manager to the appropriate page (e.g. People, Goals, Certifications, Skills, Course, User Group) and execute the page using the filter criteria stored in the dashboard. Clicking Delete will delete the dashboard.

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