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The My Team tool will be enhanced to include a Courses to Complete page that will display all the Courses to Complete for the manager’s people. The page will include a table with a row for each learner’s Courses to Complete page. The page will include a user filter that can be used to view all the users the manager has domain over.

Each row can have the following action buttons: Cancel, Mark as Pass, Mark as Fail, Substitute, Approve, Reject.

The Cancel button will appears if the learner has an enrollment or interest transcript and allows the manager to cancel the enrollment or interest.

The Mark as Pass and Mark as Fail buttons appears for Self Study courses when the learner is enrolled and the Mark as Complete indicator on the Course page is set to Manager. These buttons allow managers to pass or fail learners.

The Substitute button appears when the learner is enrolled in an instructor led course (i.e. Classroom or Virtual Classroom) and the offering’s Manager Substitution flag is set to Yes. The button allows managers to substitute another learner for one already enrolled in the offering.

The Approve and Reject buttons appear when the status of course or interest is Pending. These buttons allow managers to Approve or Reject the pending enrollment or interest.

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