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Enable catalog selection for new Business Units

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Currently, when adding a business unit, there is no easy way to populate it with a catalog. Instead, the administrator must go into each course and extend it to the new business unit. Providing the ability to choose a list of courses to be available to the new business unit would make it much easier for the portal administrator to create the business unit and quickly populate it with a new catalog.


  • Jill Schultz - 2 years 323 days ago     0 Likes  Like
    Organizations with a large number of BUs (50+) have reported they would also like to more easily adjust the BUs on a course without having to switch profiles to each BU individually to be able to remove the "X" from the org picker. Once all or many are selected and added, you can no longer remove them from the list unless you switch profiles to a location in the BU you want to remove. Doing it repeatedly to remove a number of BUs is not time-effective. There needs to be a more efficient means of adding Courses to new BUs and removing courses from BUs regardless of your active profile, especially if you're a portal administrator with company-level rights to the LMS data.
  • Kimberly Sanchez-Paul - 5 years 39 days ago     1 Likes  Like
    Is there a limit to the number of times I can vote for an enhancement? This enhancement would help immensely!

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