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Enhance Course Details with smart “Tuition” field on new UI pages

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Enhance Course Details view with smart “Tuition” field on new UI pages: Courses To Complete, Featured Courses, Skills, Team Skills

If course Tuition value is zero (0), hide field from Course Detail expando.

If course is configured with Tuition value greater than zero (0), continue to display Tuition field in Course Details expando.

For courses with Tuition value greater than zero (0), build logic that determines whether or not the viewing user meets definition of subscriber (has active Profile at Location with active Subscription and available Credits).

·         Display Tuition field to non-subscribers

·         Hide Tuition field from subscribers

·         FCA PI: Cost/Tuition needs to consider the cost, currency, and subscription info from the user’s market, not the Course Owner Market information

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