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LatitudeLearning will enhance the LMS reporting engine with a new Share Report Results feature. This tool will provide users a subset of Standard Filters to create a list of their people (scoped to My People) with whom they want to share a Report Result record on demand, or as part of the Scheduled Reports feature. The “Report Results Ready” notification will be enhanced to send to all users in defined Share list at time of report execution. Message content will include additional parameters that state who shared the report results. Update Report Results record to display “Shared by: [Username]” under Report Title, above Standard Filters list. Enhance logic of Navigation page to display “Reports” icon if: A. User has access to one or more records in Report List B. User has access to one or more records in Report Results list (so that “Student” managers will get access to Shared Report Results)


Please find the requirements attached below: PDF


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Acceptance Test Plan

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