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Self-Study Completion Requires Approval

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This enhancement enables self study courses to require manager approval for completion after the student marks the course complete.

Enhance Edit Course pages

1.       rename Approval Required to Enrollment Approval Required

2.       remove the Self-Certified Completion field

3.       add Completion Rule drop down field with 3 options: Student, Manager, and Administrator

a.       The Student works just like when the current Self-Certified Completion is Yes. That is, the student marks as complete with a signature.

b.      The Manager works like the Student rule but after the student marks as complete the status of the transcript is set to pending review and the transcript to presented to the manager in the Approvals page as a Pending Course Completion.

c.       The Administrator works just like the current Self-Certificate Completion is No. That is, an Admin must go to the student’s training history and set the status to Complete in order for the student to receive credit.

 Enhance Approvals page

Enhance the approvals page to enable managers to review and approve/reject self study course transcripts that are pending review.

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