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Enhancement suggestions from Training Calendar requirements gathering that did NOT make minimum viable project BRD:

  • Add browser “Print” view option (button with stylesheet)
  • Provide standard “Export to Calendar” action button for all events. Button click will download .ics file to user's device.
  • If student clicks on a due date for a goal, present an option to send reminders according to student’s desires (e.g., send me at 1 week, 5,4,3,2,1 days).
  • Allow user to define “availability” in calendar. Help coordinate Instructor schedules. How? Create conflicts when scheduling Offering with Instructor.
  • Create new LMS Calendar Event: Certification Update Required 
    1.) Date that new/update course is required to maintain certification. New or update course should display based on user’s Training History. 
    (a) User who has valid Certification Transcript currently meets all cert rules. 
    (b) Admin adds a Course to Generic Completion rule into Certification Level requirement. Selected course has FUTURE Certification Calculation Start Date
    (c) Certification Update Required =  FUTURE Certification Calculation Start Date
    2.Course Name links to legacy detail page (/course/user/course_details2.aspx?CourseId=XXXXX)
    3.) Course Code
    4.) Enrollment Status

    Client concern: Team Skills page would display Update Course as incomplete (white), even though user has Certification Progress 100% (achieved). 

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