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Use of Icons in UI

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In general, graphics are better than words, so this drives two suggestions.

1) If you look at competing LMSs, their interface has an icon for each course; not just by type of course, but a image of the first course screen or logo.

2) Instead of using words to show that a course is enrolled, launched, complete, use icons. In other LMSs, these are an open circle for enrolled, a half filled circle for launched, and a filled circle for complete. Even better, use a progress bar to show how much of the module a user has completed, but this would depend on the way the course was built and what it reports.

Also, users need to be able to access their certificate for Completed courses from the My Courses screen. They should also be able to access a transcript.

And there should be a tab for Completed courses, along with Required, Enrollments, Interests. Honestly, I don't know how courses get grouped in these categories anyway, so they don't make sense, but maybe another organization would understand these groupings. I'd make them something like Mandatory and Optional, if they can be assigned that way. So is Required something that management assigns, and Interests something that you request? So, what are Enrollments?

That's my two cents for what it's worth.

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