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User Generated Messages

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 Enable users to send messages to other users.


 Enhance Messages Page

Enhance the Messages page as follows:

1.       The message summary displays the Sender of the message

2.       Add a Reply icon to each message next to the Delete icon.

a.       On clicking the Reply icon the user will be presented the Send Message page. The Sender of the original message will be prepopulated in the To field. The a blank line, a link with “Reply to:’ and the original message will prepopulated in the Message field.

3.       Add a “+Message” button to the top right corner of the page

a.       On clicking the “+Message” button the user will be presented the Send Message page.


Create a Send Message Page

Create a Send Message page that presents the user with a To, Language. Subject and Message fields.

The To field is a multi-select type ahead of users the user is scoped to message based on the LMS Information page User Messaging field. At least one user is required.

The Language field is a drop down of the languages supported by the LMS.

The Subject field is a single line that is the subject of the message for the selected language. A subject for English is required.

The Message field is a multi-line field for the selected language that includes an HTML editor, similar to that in the Announcements page. A message for English is required.

The page will include two action buttons:

1.       Send: will send the message to the recipients

2.       Cancel: will cancel the message and return the user to the Messages page.

Enhance LMS Information Page

Add a User Messaging Scope drop down field to the LMS Information page with the following values:

1.       Subordinates Only: limits the scope of the users a user can send a message to only the user’s active subordinates

2.       All Users: allows users to send messages to all active users within the LMS portal.

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