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User "Isn't" Search Operator

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User Search "isn't" logic seems to be working as designed... however, as we discussed many times before, its usefulness is limited by the fact that this type of rule cannot be used with Operand "AND" logic.

1. When I search "Department Isn't [value]" I now get results, but users listed in Results don't fit the rule
2. Similarly, when I search "Role Isn't [Portal Administrator]" I get latadmin_PORTALCODE returned. That seems problematic... but what if Portal Admin also has Student Role?
So we searched "Role Isn't [Portal Administrator]" AND "Role Isn't [Student]" but still got same user.

Can we please consider one of two enhancement options? 1.) We hide the "isn't" comparison from all search criteria. 2.) We build logic that allows for successful "AND" pairing with other criteria. And also improve results with multiple profile/position/role setup.

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