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User Search Criteria: P2P User, Manager, Alternate Manager

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When LMS is setup with P2P Hierarchy, additional Advanced User Search criteria appear: P2P User, Manager, Alternate Manager

These filters are not very useful, as admin must search on comparison "Last Name [is, isn't, contains, doesn't contain, starts with]". So I might as well just conduct a search with "Last Name" criteria.

Can we eliminate these criteria, and instead add Comparison options to "P2P User" criterium: Has Manager, Has No Manager.
New comparisons: Is Manager, Isn't Manager
(No difference in functionality for Alternate Manager, right? So no need to differentiate in search.)

Essentially, I am proposing:

1.Remove Criteria values: Manager, Alternate Manager

2. Add Comparison options to "P2P User" criterion: Has Manager, Has No Manager, Is Manager, Is Not Manager


  • Angie Elliott - 4 years 63 days ago     0 Likes  Like
    I would second that I would like to be able to have a user search criteria to pull by manager when the LMS is set up to have P2P reporting.

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