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Visual Picture of Organizational and Positional Hierarchies

Go Live: 12/15/2018        Phase: Proposed         15 Likes  Like            0 Comments

If there were a way to get a visual picture of the organizational and positional hierarchies in the system, that would be a great thing for administrators to be able to visualize how the system is set up.

  1. View Organization Structure -- click on a node and it would display everything in that node (even if it had to expand beyond the visible screen, you could have sliders to navigate it and a zoom in/zoom out feature to see the whole thing. This would help me know where to put my next Location.
  2. View Position Structure -- position codes (or at least a list of all the existing codes) their department (if any) and immediate superior and immediate subordinate when trying to add a new one; it would help you know right away whether you had done it already or not, and give you a very good sense of where the new position you want fits into reporting tree.

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