New Workflow Wizards
By Sarah Robinson


As we continue trekking through the> LMS Roadmap, the LatitudeLearning community has communicated their need for a simple user interface and clearly defined setup processes. We are proud to introduce new LMS workflow wizards! Wizards are great for guiding a user step-by-step through a long, complicated, or critical task. In this release (Version, we have engineered workflows that will make the process of assigning training goals easy to automate and maintain.

This article will describe how Portal Administrators can use a Setup Wizard to create Goal Rules, and an Edit Wizard to review or revise those records. To learn more about the Goal Rules feature, CLICK HERE.

LMS managers can use a separate Setup Wizard to assign mandatory training to their people in an ad hoc fashion. For detailed instructions on the Assign Goals tool, CLICK HERE.

Setup Wizard

The Goal Rule setup wizard sets a new precedence for the LMS administrative experience. This easy-to-use tool will walk you through each step of the rule creation process, providing simple navigation options and ensuring correct configuration along the way.

Add Goal Assignment Rule page

When adding a new record to the LMS, the wizard will enforce navigation from left to right through all steps listed at the top of the page. Use the Next and Previous buttons to move through the setup process.

Return to a previous step at any time by clicking the button or step name. Note that the next button and step name are only enabled when data is populated in all required fields.

The last step will always be to review and confirm your setup. Click the step name or corresponding edit buttons to jump back and view detailed information. Click Save to complete the process, and a message banner will display results.

Edit Wizard

Review or update an existing record with the Edit Wizard. Opening on the Confirmation step, this wizard allows navigation to any step within the process. Apply changes and return to the Confirmation step to save.

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