Navigation Page Editor

The Navigation Page Editor allows Portal Administrators to control which feature icons are available on the LMS Navigation menu

Simply open the Edit Navigation Page and use drag-and-drop technology to manage the visibility and display order of icons on your Navigation page. Hiding icons that don't support your training workflows is a great way to make the menu more intuitive for learners. 

  1. From the Navigation page, select the Administration icon.

  2. On the Administration page left navigation menu, select Site Management > Edit Navigation Page.

  3. There are two columns on this page: Hidden Icons and Displayed Icons. By default, all icons are displayed. To hide or display an icon, drag and drop it into the appropriate column.
    Note: Some icons, such as My People, Approvals, and Reports, remain available only users with sufficient rights even when selected to display. Hover over an icon to see a tool tip on its display behavior.

  4. To reorder the list, drag and drop a Displayed Icon into the desired position within the column.

  5. Click Save. The Displayed Icons will then appear on the Navigation page in the order selected (left top to right bottom).

Changes made on this page will affect all users and it is not currently possible to customize the Navigation page for specific roles or individuals, although the visibility of some displayed icons will still be restricted by a user's role and place in the managerial reporting hierarchy. For instance, users who do not have subordinates will not see My People or Approvals, even if they are enabled. Users who do not have roles that support Reports access will likewise be unable to see the Reports option.