Executive Briefing: Training in the Extended Enterprise

Training for extended enterprises, partners and franchise networks greatly differs from traditional HR (or employee) training. An extended learning strategy that empowers your external audiences with knowledge and information can deliver tangible, business-changing results and contribute to achieving your organization’s key strategic goals.

Brandon Hall and Latitude CG teamed up to conduct a joint research project to analyze extended enterprise learning programs. Latitude conducted in person interviews with training leaders in the OEM, Manufacturing, Partnering and Franchise industries to get their perspective on extended training.

In this 20 minute Executive Briefing video we discuss and present the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in the extended enterprise market. Gain insight and guidance on ways to use training to drive more value from extended training, partners and franchise networks.

Topics discussed include:
  • Understanding the dynamics of Enterprise Training
  • Common training modalities
  • Partner training characteristics
  • Extended Enterprise learning challenges
  • Technology requirements for training
  • How Extended Enterprise learning differs from employee training
  • Impact of Extended Enterprise learning
  • Extended Enterprise learning opportunities