Course catalogs are maintained at the organization level called the Business Unit. When a new portal is created, we assign a default Business Unit name that is Portal_Name+BU. The Business Unit can be easily renamed so that courses will reside in an organization that is meaningful for your training situation.

Working Environment: Organizations > Search Organizations > General Information

1. Click Organizations > Search Organizations. In the Search Organization window, keep the default settings – in which all input fields are blank – and click Search.

2. Find the portal default Business Unit, indicated by Portal_Name+BU and to the far right of this row, click View/Edit.

3. In the next window, you will be on the Business Unit Details tab. Click on the General Information tab.

4. In the Organization General Information window, rename the Organization Code and Organization Name to something meaningful to you.

5. Click Submit and you’re done. Courses can now be assigned to this new organization structure – and existing courses that were created under the portal default business unit will now be positioned under this business unit as well.

With these steps, you have modified the name of the organization where the course catalog resides and taken another step in making LatitudeLearning your own.