By default, LatitudeLearning comes preconfigured with one Major that is used to classify all courses. In your training environment, you may have a need to create multiple Majors in order to classify different types of courses. Editing the preconfigured Major will allow your users to easily perform a course search with a Major selected, that will yield a collection of your courses grouped under this subject.

Working Environment: Course Support > Search Major > Edit Major

1. In the left navigation, click Course Support > Search Major. Keep the Major Name input field blank and click Search.

2. In the next screen, you will see the portal default Major listed indicated by Portal_Name+Shared Major.

3. Click on the bold name of the Major, which is a hyperlink, and the page will be taken to the Edit Major window.

4. Replace the Major Code, Major Name, and Description to values that are meaningful for your collection of courses.

5. Click Submit. Now all existing courses that used to be associated with the default major can be searched by the new Major.

Now that you have a personalized Major for your students, courses can be associated with the Major, making it easier for students to get the best results when they search courses by subject.