There are four steps involved in creating any training program: creating a student, creating a course, enrolling student in a course, and tracking progress. In this document we take a close look at the third of these four steps: enrolling student in a course.

Working Environment: Courses > Search Courses > Enroll Others.

1. Enter the course name or course code, select eLearning, and click “Search”. If you do not know the course name or course code, you can keep these fields blank, click “Search”.

2. In the results window, find the course that will be used to enroll students and at the far right, click “Enroll Others”.

3. In the Enroll Others tab, select the Choose Student(s) hyperlink to enter a user selection pop-up.

4. In the pop-up, enter search criteria to locate a small population of students.

5. Click “Add” to select the students that you want to enroll. Their names will be added to the User Basket.

6. Click Check Out to exit the pop-up and return to Enroll Others.

7. With the User IDs is in the input box, click Submit and Continue.

8 When the screen refreshes, you will be required to confirm your submission by selecting the check-box next to the user’s name and clicking Submit. When the screen refreshes, you will see “Add Successful” and at this point, you are done!

You have successfully used Enroll Others to enrolled one or more users in a course.