LatitudeLearning LMS comes preconfigured with a header logo that is used to welcome new users to your portal. This header logo is displayed in three areas:  the student’s home page, the login page, and the self-registration page. Portal Administrators may change the header logo by using the Edit Images web page, which allows for multiple images to be uploaded for a range of location branding situations. To begin, you will need an image that will fit into the preconfigured image container in the top-left corner of the home page, which is just under one inch tall or 580 pixels wide by 110 pixels high.

Working Environment:  Site Management > Edit Images

1. At the bottom of the Edit Images window, where it says Upload new Image, click the Choose File button.

2. In the explorer window, navigate to the location of the image you would like to use as a home page header logo. Select the image and click Open. Note: images are uploaded and placed in the portal image container in their actual size, so it is recommended to use an image no greater than 580 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.

3. When you return to the Edit Images window, click Submit.

4. After the image is saved in the image library, click the Header Logo drop-down to select the image from the list.

5. Click Submit and when the page refreshes, you will see your company logo in the image container at the top left corner of your portal. With standard configuration, this logo will be present on all pages of the portal. With additional configuration, you can brand the image and other home page elements based on location and position group.

At this point, your portal will have your organization’s image branding at the top of the home page, login page, and self-registration page.