Locations are used to hold a population of students. In LatitudeLearning, your portal comes preconfigured with a default location this is Portal_Name+LO. You can rename the default location to something that is meaningful to your organization with a few clicks.

Working Environment:  Organizations > Search Organizations > General Information

1. In the left navigation, click Organizations > Search Organizations. Keep the default settings – in which all fields are blank – and click Search.

2. The default location is listed with your Portal_Name+LO. To the far right of the default location, click View/Edit.

3. In the next window, switch from the Details tab to the General Information tab, where you are able to make edits.

4. Rename the Organization Code and the Organization Name to location names that make sense to your training environment. 

5. Click Submit and you’re done! Users who had profiles associated with the default location will now be associated with your renamed location.

By customizing the Location Code and Location Name, you are taking a significant step in customizing the LatitudeLearning organization structure to one that fits your training environment.