LatitudeLearning is preconfigured with three basic Position Codes. For many training situations, Position Codes can represent the job or title held by an individual. Position codes are not only used to categorize students, but they can also be used for other features in LatitudeLearning, such as Certification or Curriculum assignment, Departmental assignment, and even Home Page branding. When positions are organized into a hierarchy, managerial relationships are set up. The steps below demonstrate how to rename a position code to reflect a position in your organization.

Working Environment: Organizations > Search Positions > Position General Information

1. In the left navigation, click Organizations > Search Positions. Keep the search fields blank and click Search.

2. In the list of Positions, click on the bold hyperlink STF, which stands for “Staff”.

3. In the next window, you will be on the Details tab. To make edits, click on the General Information tab and enter a position code and position name to values that fit jobs in your environment.

4. Click Submit and you’re done.

With these simple steps, you have modified one of the default position code to something that is meaningful to your students and your organization.